Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day

Labor Day - I totally forgot there was another holiday this weekend!  I wondered why the neighbors were headed out of town on the back of motorcycles and all.

I just found out that a family member was having a cookout today.  I guess I wasn't on any invite list.  I also learned just in the past 45 minutes that I have been the subject of yet another family drama --- surprise surprise.  All my life, all I have to do is breathe and I have somehow done something wrong and purposefully hurt someone and I didn't even know anything about any of it..... (sigh)

I so am looking forward to getting the Explorer fixed or sold or whatever...because I want to get on with my own life.  I so need distance from these blood relatives - I have so many more friends and collected 'family' that actually respect me.  Heck some people actually like me.

I read another blogger's tales of reverse culture shock and difference of priorities with the average American.  I so can relate.   Living simply so works for me, especially after living with others that are on the world's poverty lists.  I have learned what is important for me and I choose to only invest my time, my energy and my money in those things....everything else, like who won some tv show something is just wierd chatter in my life.

I am so anxious to meet up with some other van-dweller/full time rvers.... even some gypsys or nomadic groups.... I'm in that preparation limbo! darn.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your burgers or what have you!