Friday, October 7, 2011

$75,000 earings

So I woke up thinking about a television program I had seen, maybe last week.  The woman, was crying over having 'lost' - momentarily - a $75,000 earing!  She 'lost' this when her boyfriend playfully tossed her off a dock into beautiful blue green tropical Bali (I think it was) ocean water ---- say what! Geez.  Do people really have earings that cost more than most people have ever made in a year of hard work?  How many people actually have this kind of life?

I also got turned down for Food Stamps - now my only income is Social Security Disability or SSDI.... ? again go figure!  The form letter basically said that I am not a migrant worker and that I have over $150 in monthly income?  Incredible.  Well - after a phone call, I was actually only turned down for Emergency Food Stamps and that would be correct, because I am not in Emergency Crisis status today.

I also, yesterday saw news online and the stories about people protesting Wall Street and the 1% Rich! It's about darn time people got together to make some noise about this situation.  We, American's, are viewed as the richest country in the world by most of the world, mostly because some media program or news program on a television 'told' them and they believed it.  Reality is a bit different, we have some of the poorest people in both dollar amounts, and ability to creatively survive - we could learn a whole lot from the poor families in 3rd world countries!  I know that I have personally learned volumes from my experiences traveling amonst the poor of Central America.

gotta run for today....
and Keep It Simple - and Smile a lot, it will make others wonder what you have been up to!