Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer in the city...

So I tried to type a blog post with my newer Android phone a few days ago, typed it twice and lost it twice.... I gave up.  Sorry to disappoint you.

So I came to Granada, Nicaragua a couple weeks ago.  I wanted to explore Nicaragua again as a possible place to set up residency because I live and travel on a limited budget from the United States.  I am disabled though it is not physically obvious.  I found a hostel that has a month long package deal for a private room, 2 meals a day and spanish lessons 5 days a week.  My adult son wanted to tag along, so we bought the package and traveled by bus from the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica to Granada.  Not a bad trip, with comfortable air conditioned buses, movies and dinner and the driver helps with the passport process at the border crossing.

I had been to Granada 3 times before and remember liking it alright.  IT IS HOT here! OMGosh HOT! and there are sooooo many more tourists than I remember.

My son had only traveled in Costa Rica so far and he experienced imediate and severe culture shock! I told him it was very different and dirtier and with horses - well - smelly.  I also mentioned that the market here was an experience that some people cannot handle...well he even had gag-response!

So he left to return to Costa Rica yesterday!

Just goes to show you that different people have different traveling tolerance levels.  You might want to consider that before you pay those trip deposits.