Monday, September 3, 2012


KISS - or Keep It Simple Silly (okay i changed it from stupid because why call anyone that really).

I remind myself all the time to K.I.S.S. everything...problems, relationships, emergencies, lunch, emails, blogging... you get the idea.

This past weeks recap: I am housesitting in San Vito, Costa Rica. Anxiously awaiting my turn to travel to the USA and my next adventure - full-time rving, im so excited about exploring the US. At times it is challenging to arrange details from a distance altho with android phones and internet SIM cards nearly anything is possible.

Some of you have friended me on Facebook and are able to view pictures and posts. I am not a huge fan of public media although it does help us stay somewhat connected even if only in a driveby sort of way. This past week I dealt with a scorpion, a poisonous snake, mice or rats, bats, and a hurricane induced lightening storm! As well as trying to get my travel plans finalized. Needless to say I was simply exhausted yesterday.

The snake story was kewl because I had that snake feeling before I went to bed. I tried to shake it off as silly and simply asked the Great One to take care of the things outside of my control and keep me safe if that is his will. Then I went to sleep. I normally get up early and dawn was just breaking, it was dim still when I accompanied by the two dogs here, went for our first bathroom visit of the morning. Just rounding a corner I see IT! Knowing the only machete I had seen here was not much larger than a good chefs knife. I called and woke a neighbor for help and bring a machete please I asked in my best spanglish. Then I took pictures and sort of guarded him till they arrived. Mind you wondering why he stopped breathing, or did I just imagine that he had, then noticing the blood and wondering what he had killed, then wondering why he wasnt moving. Or why the dogs arent interested in him... the neighbors came. He was dead. I would like to think that Chester the dog killed him, but I cant really be sure. I continue to be thankful that we are not given more than we can handle. And I hug Chester a lot and thank him for protecting me every time he goes into his natural hunter mode.

Speaking of Chester - this is not the first time I have house sat with him. Chester is a wonderful altho BIG dog. It seems his owner struggels with either a place to keep him or the expense of feeding him or possibly both. I love this dog. He scares some people just with his size and sometimes he can be difficult especially if he hasnt eaten can imagine. He doesnt like sticks or brooms and hes not too fond of being handled by his collar. He seems to trust me and I respect him and we get along fine. I was rather surprised to find out that he was here after I took on this assigment. I am glad he is here.

I want to attach some photos so will try to keep this short and simple (smile).

oh and I am trying to sell a few things here in Costa Rica to lighten my bags for flying. If you have an interest send me a message and we can discuss the items. Some tools, tho not all in the pictures are available, can be seen at

and heres hoping for a less event filled week this week...
As always
Keep It Simple,