Friday, March 22, 2013

Procrastination, why?

Hi all....
I used to blog.... Not sure why I'm procrastinating on that whole thing right now, could be the change in lifestyle and all...and occasional lack of cellphone signal.
I figured a few of you might like a little check in - so here goes, I'll work the kinks out of my blogging life some other day.

I got out of Arkansas in early December and drove out to meet up with Bob and the Pre-RTR group.  I was there in 3 days and my van (gosh I love her now!) didn't have not even one issue.  I was so excited and thrilled to meet the group and Bob...we took morning and afternoon walks with Homer , made pots of Cowboy Coffee and cooked on the firepit, and talked and talked and talked.  Joey arrived the very next morning, and in a similar fashion was excited and thrilled.  We made lots of camp-buddies pretty quickly.  The group kind of ebbed and flowed as people came and went before the actual RTR event.  We convoyed over to Ehrenberg (sp?) for a while which changed the dynamics of the group as we went off in different directions and dealt with the cold windy and sometimes wet weather.  I was soooooooo cold - the desert sure isn't Costa Rica!  I eventually left that sight, tagging along with a new-found friend, just before Christmas with my van conversion in mind.  We enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner cooked on the campfire and eaten around my palmtreewithsolarlights xmas tree.  It was great fun constructing my bed and a storage bin as a combined effort of the friend and myself.  Measuring twice or five times lol and cutting once.  Drawing ideas out and then taking a break to think them through.  We moved over to the RTR event site and created a KleanAirKamp in order to accomidate RTR attendees with health issues.  Early in Janurary, I invited anyone to join us there for my traditional first sunday of the month breakfast.  We had a lot of people, maybe overwhelming to some, and I made Huevos Rancheros, which was gone quickly - it was so much fun for me too.  I realized that I am so much more social a person than I had thought before that time.  I also realized that I needed to protect my friends - well, from me! me and my socialness (is that a word?)  So I moved over a bit closer to the center of the RTR camp...and was I social!  The people who came were wonderful and amazing and interesting and helpful --- I had incredible volunteers just take up the hammer and finish up my van construction, giving me a wonderfully comfortable mini-camper of sorts.  And then I got tired and more people came to RTR and stuff happens in the social world and....then RTR was over.  Kinda just done.   I'd had a couple asthma attacks and had to stop cooking so much on the big fires...the cold was difficult but I did it - reached yet another goal of attending RTR! woohoo!
I was feeling a bit lost as people began to leave RTR for home..."home"....hmmm, I don't have one ---err, yeah I do and she's been a trusted vanfriend for a few months now - my van.  And the next adventure began.
A few nights alone.  A trip to Yuma and Algadones, Mexico to get eye glasses...another meeting with Bob and the Post-RTR crew at Sidewinder, California.  and changes... more changes....
I'm starting to get this.  I am more comfortable and relaxed.  There are still things to do - details of life to clean up - phone calls to make, friendships to work with.
A group of us moved off together to Mittry Lake, AZ which was a lovely change of both scenery and weather as it began to warm up.  We had more wildlife to see, and water to kayak in...we even had a beaver for a neighbor.  and then it was time to leave and find a new camp - Fortuna Pond --- a lovely little fisherman's paradise tucked between fields of romaine lettuce, cabbage, broccolli, onions and ...  It was a nice change - I even found a little palm tree to park beside.  it reminded me of my Costa Rican adventures and brought a little bit of a smile - I told everyone I was on vacation while I was beside that palm tree.    Only a hammock could have made it better!
Recently another camp-buddy headed north to 'home' and we said our fairwellstillnexttime!
And another day - another adventure begins....

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