Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blogging along...

Hi all.  I have made a few blogging decisions.  Aren't you all just so exited to hear that?  So first off, I set a new goal and I am going to send out new blog posts on Wednesdays and on Sundays for the next two months!  And secondly I am cleaning up my internet presence and on next Monday I will be deleting my Facebook account!  I am on all things Google and that includes Google+ .

I am excited to give myself a schedule and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Mother's Day present from my son is so very helpful, this morning, I  got myself a Verbatim bluetooth keyboard to go with it.  Omgosh it is so much easier than the old typing on the teeny tiny Huawei Android cellphone. 

One of my Full-time RVer buddies sent an email yesterday with some requests for blog posts....a wonderful idea! Thanks Dianne. So I would love to hear what my other readers and friends want to hear....please comment or send me an email. This could be a fun way to inspire me to write more.

My Facebook decision -  well, I have been annoyed with Facebook since practically the beginning.  Along with daily reminders of who doesn't like or include me in thier lives, postings from people I hardly know that I can't get rid of, and now drive by commercials labeled 'suggestions' grrrr.  A family member 'friend' requested some privacy from all thier Facebook 'friends' and the software on my tablet wouldn't let me I'm done. Done done done, like that Thanksgiving turkey.   If you know me personally and want to keep in touch, please email me and we can keep up that way or on Google+.  Otherwise, please follow my blog.  There are many ways to do that using Apps that are like the old Google reader, RSS feeds, or sign up to follow me through Blogger or email. 

Please be patient as I work to improve my blog pages over the next few weeks.