Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Catch-Up Wednesday!

I have been house sitting in New York State this week.  I have been blessed with the use of a full sized desktop computer and internet service so I have been taking advantage of the opportunity to organize my online life!  Being a traveler and minimalist and having a tendency toward a recurrence of simple online life and photos and files was getting rather cluttered.  Okay, it was down right messy.
One traumatic event would leave me feeling unable to finish one task, then right on the heals of that another event...and the mind spirals with unfinished thoughts and ideas.  For quite some time the files and to do lists just sat in the 'clouds' online (ha that is cute!) wondering if I would ever get back to either delete the idea or pick it up and run with it.  So it's been personal online clean up and re-simplfying time.  Wow, I have gotten a lot done too.  With many alone hours at the computer - yes, and often in my pj's with a cup of coffee or fresh spring water in hand!  I don't have much more to catch up on - though mostly what is left is picture files - oh dread - which are trips down memory lane which need to be taken at 20 minute chunks with breaks in between or I will end up re-living those live events, traumatic or not!

One break I took on Monday night was to join a friend for a picnic dinner.  We had learned that there was to be a free concert in the central park at nearby Liverpool, NY.  So we packed up a quick dinner and a gallon of homemade lemonade and headed over.  The cool breeze and shade of the trees in the park made an enjoyable place to eat while we watched others arrive for the event.  We noticed that quite a number of people were elderly couples.  I certainly enjoy people watching.  Not very many children were in the small group (maybe that was a crowd for a small town like Liverpool?).

The band arrived, the dancing began - wow a lot of couples who had taken obviously taken dance lessons.  Then my friend spotted the "buddah dudes" (hanging my head in shame at repeating yes, a couple tunic clad guys were just walking down the street near the park - so we got Mr vonBrown his "buddah dude" picture!

When traveling and visiting different towns, its kind of nice to know when you have made someone smile - now I'm not sure if I like the reason or not but hey --- I had not danced in ages - well maybe in Yuma - and I am feeling much more emotionally healthy so I feel like the real me was having fun Monday night.  Vonbrown and I had a blast just shaking that booty - you know like people who never had a lesson and didn't care because this was about just having fun and nothing else.  And we did! Have fun that is - and probly hurt some old creaky body parts or something too....I certainly slept good last night. You'll have to ask Vonbrown how he held up!

Tuesday, I spent the ENTIRE day working on the computer! You noticed you got an extra blog post or two right? (smile)

Wednesday - I got up early and was out running errands at Wally World and Aldi's before 11.  I returned to wash laundry (yup I gotta do it too) and put the movie Pride and Prejudice in the DVD player.  Then promptly fell asleep - I think the movie was watching me!

In between busy-ness this week, I have been re-thinking my past and my travels, my homes - my invitation from Travis in Costa Rica - my upcoming Westward journey....

nope no great wisdom or anything...I just keep thinking it over
and sleeping on it
and dreaming dreams I can't quite recall when I wake up
and feeling like someone is here in the room with me for only a moment
and they aren't

Spring water - what a lovely drink, cold fresh, tasty from the earth.  Vonbrown and I gathered natural spring water from a nearby well cared for spring --- no plastic bottles (well my desert Jerry can is BPA free something from Reliance) tho no trash from the store.  I am planning to visit natural springs along my travels so I can be drinking REAL water from the earth.  In a few days I will likely be heading out for a National Forest - which will be wonderful.  I'm thinking relaxing days and a couple good books.

Simply all for now,