Friday, July 5, 2013

The Mysterious Missing Blog Post Graveyard??

I know I wrote and posted, or tried to, a Sunday post and I guess it has joined the mystery graveyard of blog posts that were sent from odd locations with tethered wifi which can be iffy at best... sooooooo  I did find the pictures???? I remember it being witty and good (aren't all my posts witty and good? Lol)
Saturday, June 29th was my 55th birthday.  I spent the day alone.  I traveled the final couple hours to the Syracuse NY area and checked out some campgrounds that were full in preparation for July 4th.  Then found myself a spot to overnight at the Syracuse area Camping World.  What started out as a rather lonely evening was filled with phone
calls from newer and old friends.  I did write a blog post, tho perhaps the thunderstorm caused a glitch in my cell service (wouldn't be the first time),  I went to sleep very late for me and was woken by an RTR Buddy who took me to breakfast.  And showed me around his hometown of Baldwinsville, NY.  Later in the afternoon I hung out at Mercer Park and met up with my new friend Westly and his Dad.  Westly proudly showed off the fish he had caught before he released them back into the river/canal.  Baldwinsville is the home of the Erie Canal's Lock No. 24.  Kinda kewl as my Buddy says, you can put a boat into the water here and sail around the world if you want to! Yup kewl idea! 
How did I end up in New York state you might like to know....well, I had asked my Full-timer and RTR travel Buddies and the powers that be (God) for inspiration.  One Buddy said I'll meet you this afternoon in New York felt right so I got on the road...I didn't quite get to the same place as they were at.  Multiple thunderstorms and driving at a snails pace with lights on and wipers on high slowed me down considerably, 
After a bit of boredom with highway driving, I avoided a couple tolls and saw some kewl small town USA parts of the country.
I overnighted in Walmarts and truckstops along the way.  I was proud that I was able to drive in thunderstorms and tho I have storm anxiety I didn't experience any panic attacks.