Thursday, January 23, 2014

Having fun and what can you do with a plant pot?

What a wonder to watch my friends having fun...

Boating on the river, making jewelry, sharing Sunset and Happy Hour time as they start the fire for the evening and often share a snack.


Ive been having fun preparing food for the group - it's just something I like to do, often I cannot eat what I am preparing so I have someone else taste test.  Just in case you all wanted to know how I can cook for others and not affect my food allergies and stuff...thats how I do it,  I guess I was just blessed with a talent for flavors, and food preparation including cooking methods and stuff.  I can kinda tell by the sight and smell of foods if they are going to be good- then with someones taste testing, salt or sweet or whatever can be adjusted.


This morning, though I thought it would be shower day for me, it became play with another cooking out came the plant pot I picked up on the Free pile at RTR, some kindling, a wire rack I carry just incase, and the enamel pots that were less than $3 from a thrift store in Lake Havasu City.  A small pot of soup made a great lunch.


More soon...