Saturday, January 18, 2014

Re--Grouping with friends!

Hello again,


2013 was a very full year with miles of travel and many events.  I was considering ending my blogging because I couldn't see any real purpose or good that my writing was serving.  Over the past few weeks, perhaps given the change to a new year. I have recieved many short emails and phone calls asking where and how I am.  I am GREAT!  better than ever.  I woke up giddy with happiness the other night - I'm holding on to that experience.


I have been attending the winter Rubber Tramp Rondevous (RTR) in Quartzsite, Arizona.  The scheduled events are nearly over now.  We discussed things like how to convert a vehicle in order to 'Full- Time RV' or live in said vehicle, shared ideas for cooking, keeping warm, showering, receiving mail, how to be respectful when choosing a boondocking site, disposing of trash among other things.  We shared social moments that included campfire chit chat each night, Hobo Chili dinners and Baked Potato social events organized by Mark & Donna.  We have showed off our vehicles at the first Open House, shared on the ever present Free Pile tarp (freecycle at its RTR finest).  And we have helped each other tweek ideas, solve problems and complete projects.  Tools (ever present in guy vehicles) were shared and tires checked.  We met, yet again, now lifelong friends as well as making new connections that likely will be life long.  Incredibly we also connected with our neighboring Escapees group the "Boomers" who are a lovely, incredible, sharing and knowledgeable group of Full-Time RVers and World Travelers.


The sharing, giving and emotional support in this group is incredible to experience.  Without guidelines or rules, this group of people have chosen to take more personal responsiblity and I have found that the majority have the personal goal to live what they believe.  Coming together with open mindedness and encouraging hearts I have experienced a sharing between Christians, Atheists, Free Thinkers, Introverts, Extroverts, the openly opinionated and sometimes annoying, as well as those more fortunate economically mixing joyfully with those less economically fortunate and even very close to dirt poor.  A commonality is a love of freedom and a need for choice.  Often, health is important as is giving up the major stressors of the societal norms.  It is refreshing to see gadgets that use little to no energy.  Yes, there are lots of solar panels present - for good reason as the use the sun's energy is helpful to those just begining to explore a life lived Off Grid.  


I am being encouraged to stay in touch with you through my blog writing - honestly, though I would like to, I cannot possibly answer the numbers of emails I recieve.


I am grateful.  to my friends, my family and even my aquaintances - I learn so much and am blessed so richly through you and your presence.  Please stay connected, add comments and keep in touch, it helps to encourage me to give more - knowing that my words are reaching someone in Internetlandia.