Friday, February 14, 2014

Wednesday is Girlie Day!

At least for has been for years.  Oh yeah, sometimes I forget though I remember and pick it up again.  I think I started this tradition when I was working long hours and feeling neglected by my former boyfriend.  I wanted to be pampered and to feel sexy and feminine instead of always taking care of others.  I remembered about loving yourself first and started to set aside 'hump day', as Wednesday is loving called in the world of work, as the night to pamper myself. Long soaks in the bath by candlelight with jazz playing and maybe a glass of wine or sparling cider depending on the year.  Sometimes manicures or pedicures, or deep conditioning my hair....or an extra walk to a special place.

Anyway, its still a good idea and i still remember to do something special for me on in my Van, and on my budget...i cant soak in a hot tub of water so I do have to be creative.   Recently it occured to me that I was missing being touched (ya I know).  I dont think that things like massages are in my price range so I let the thought go and carried on.  I spent extra time with some good lotion last week and gave myself a good leg massage.  But you know it just wasnt enough.  Now many women go to beauty parlors and get something done and have some girl interaction but with my hair....theres just so much of it and its expensive. My hair grows fast too so I couldnt afford to keep it short and run in for a trim every three weeks.  Then almost by magic the thought came to me to ask the price of having my hair shampooed....and omgosh its like cheap! for under $5 someone will pay attention to me, wash my hair with warm water, shampoo and conditioner of my choice and then brush it out! Kewl...okay so I might have a new addiction... :)