Saturday, June 7, 2014

Simply chchanges

Hi there,
In an effort to provide safety on the open road and in wonderful boondocking land...I have decided to rent an RV space.

What?  And pay money! ?   You might wonder what is happening with me. ..well if you have been keeping up with my blog posts,  you know that I have been struggling with some allergies and testing. .it's not healthy for me to be driving around struggling with my being sick.   Yes it is not easy for me to add this expense to my meager budget. And I think it is best for all of us. Imagine me driving while feeling all stuffy and with brain fog. I can rest more this way as well.   I got a beautiful shadey site and permission to be here with my van and my tajmahal. ...I began putting them up earlier and am taking a break while its hot... I got the tent up alone. I think for now I will just use it free standing and without the rain fly...mostly because I don't have the energy to do any more.

I sure hope that the stain on the ground, that I noticed this morning under the van. ..I sure hope it is not from the van. ..because I might just break down and cry.