Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Simply DIY Pizza! Part 1 all have waited looooong enough! so here is that post about how to make a pizza while camping or hiking.

Some of the people at the Winter RTR attended one of my pizza making classes - and some creative types even got the basic idea and came up with ways to make not too much work pizzas in their 12v Lunchbox ovens (ask Mr. Al at

So here we go....

Method #1:  Buy a pizza from a pizza restaurant! eat and enjoy....
Okay just kidding - but hey maybe you don't want to be a kewl campground pizza chef.  It's okay do what makes you happy.

You will need some tools for pizza making - mainly a source of heat (camp stove, camp fire, camper stove, hiking or even hobo stove...or what have you), a heavy-ish frying pan (your pan will determine the size of your pizzas, think individual personal size pizzas) with cover (its okay to be creative - I have used a couple pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil in a pinch), a spatula is helpful as is a knife to cut up pieces of your toppings and to cut the final product into slices.

You will also need some ingredients - some people like sauce bases which can be made with tomatoes, or spreadable cheeses or even sloppy joe mix; toppings - wow have you seen what people are doing with pizza these days - it truly can be almost anything - Hawaiian pineapple and meat, The Kitchen Sink, Meat Lovers...Veggie lovers, Vegan and even Raw Living Pizzas.  Then many people just must have cheese --- not those Vegan folks. and then there is the crust....

Method #2:  Buy a prepared pizza crust from a store - some bakeries make them, look into freezer sections at better grocery stores or health food stores, or buy a Boballi or some similar product (I even noticed some personal sized pizza crusts at the Dollar Tree). You could even use a whole pita bread don't cut it open. Gather your toppings and prepare them ahead so that you can work with them rather quickly.  Because we are making stove top or camp fire pizza you will need to prepare your toppings and COOK them (not the cheese though) before you put your pizza see normally the temperature of the oven would cook your toppings, but we are going to do this differently so brown your meats, cut up and cook your veggies ahead of time (Raw Foodists won't likely use this method or prepared crusts)
Now lightly oil your frying pan and heat it up.  Put your prepared crust in the warm fry pan for a few minutes to warm it up.  Check the crust and flip it over with your spatula when it is just barely toasted on one soon as you flip it, spread your sauce on the cooked side and then add your toppings and lastly your cheese then put the cover on the frying pan. Cook a few minutes, watching it closely to prevent burning the bottom, until the cheese melts.  Then using the spatula, slide the pizza onto a plate or a cutting board to cook slightly, cut into slices and enjoy.

Method #3:  Make a homemade pizza crust.  Now you need to do what works best for you - you can buy a pizza crust mix or a gluten free pizza crust mix and follow the directions on the package, keep in mind that you will not be using an oven.  Gluten free mixes are often a little more crumble-y so it's wise to make your first experiment in a small size so you can flip it ... you will figure out what works best for you with practice. OR you can use flour and yeast.

(To be Continued)