Saturday, August 30, 2014

Simply more changes

Isn't that what they say is the only constant in life?  CHANGE!

In an effort to embrace that, I re-evaluated my PMs (project managers) that simply means the people I chose to help me. I can make better choices now that I have some tools of my own and more information as well as some practice with mixing FG (fiberglass) myself.  I can do it - I need to wear a mask - it could make me sick. So I let my friend Roger off the hook when I realized he was exhausted and frustrated after tough days at work.  And even though he wanted to help me I would rather keep him as a friend.

And...the master cylinder on my van's brake system went and it was scary driving - well actually trying to stop. I became vanless for a couple days as the part had to be ordered. I slept in the van at the mechanic shop because the Scamp isn't ready to sleep in.  While there I talked over my Scamp project with my mechanic friend and his family and we came up with a possible solution that includes bartering for particial payment. 

So - I'm proud of me - I towed the Scamp over to the shop yesterday afternoon.  The van and Scamp look so good together. Sorry I forgot to take pictures. 
The Scamp is safely tucked away at the shop. I've got my brakes fixed and van back.  I've also got another week here at Turquoise Triangle RV Park and then moving on - either to free rent, LTVA sites or to a park with more reasonable prices for the winter... I am not sure which way to go yet.

We still need to evaluate the scope of the Scamp project and my budget too and I'm close enough and have the van and SUV tent so taking a trip to visit with friends can happen no matter what I choose. I'm so open to suggestions.