Saturday, August 23, 2014

Simply Small Successes

Finally - some successes. Okay they are small, but hey don't I teach,  in my Personal Project Plan (PPP) class, about Turtle Steps. Turtle Steps are tiny even slow motion steps. This is progress on its tiniest level.

1. I remembered that I CAN do this - even alone if necessary.  I even recalled how I was able to reach my roof to scrape off all the crap before we tackled the vent installation. That installation will have to be removed and redone correctly.  Unfortunately I listened to poor advice which has created stress and has cost me with temporary fixes and refixes. I need to get a step stool and wait for dry weather then I can remove the vent cover to reach the roof and reinstall the vent correctly myself.

2. My time line sucks -so I re-prioritized! Reality checks help tremendously. Given my budget I do need to move by September 7 in order to not pay rent at this rv park which would stall my project completely.

3. If it ain't broke don't fix it - well not yet anyway. So I remembered that the closet in the Scamp does NOT leak - so I started working with that. And even though I was so disappointed with the situation that resulted in having someone else paint my cabinet doors.  I started putting them back together and reinstalling them. This is giving me a success.  Which is motivating.

4. Support is a major part of any project.  Re-evaluation of my team players is a key to my success.  I have had some horrible experiences with help. I got rid of some leaching neighborhood handymen,  some greedy selfish take advantage friendly types and walked away from a couple reno businesses advice and realized my need to discuss my project with my emotional support team so I can stay stable and happily creative.  I need to keep hearing from my friends that they are confident that I can do this. Because I so can.

5. Redefine success. Okay - success now is being able to safely and legally move the camper by the move date. Everything else can be done anywhere.

My PPP major Time Line is: September 7 - move day.

I reset my PPP 3-5 realistic goals with time lines. Which now looks like this:

1. Running lights operable for towing.  This week have help on hold waiting on supplies that should arrive on Monday. There's a whole story I wrote about on the FiberglassRV website.
2. Safety check of towing mechanics like the frame, tires and bearings. This week.
3. Storage inside or in my van for all the parts and tools. On going and already done.
Only if I have time and can emotionally handle it 
4. Solve PO (previous owner) screw holes in roof leaks. Possible this week because I got new information and supplies.
5. Finish 12V and 110 electrical - mostly just testing. Need help.
6. Reinstall the kitchen counter and sink. Need screw hole leaks in the roof fixed first or it will ruin the counter.

Oops what about insurance! Oh yes I already have that set up for next months move date. Full Timers insurance is more expensive although I think that in my particular situation it is very important.