Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Simply a few hundred miles into

The trip -and omgosh I am doing it. I am towing and becoming more and more comfortable doing so.  The Scamp has changed my travel perspective immensely.  It's as though I have my tiny home with me. The stuff in the cupboards still shifts around although it is still in its basic place when I go to fix dinner at night. Ozzie knows both his mama (me) and his home (the Scamp) as well as 'wanna ride' sends him straight to the van door. :)

What an incredible blessing to be able to travel along with Al ( His as well as other people's kindnesses are mentioned in my gratefulness journaling. It's especially nice to only have the responsibility for learning to tow safely and for set up and pack up. It would be difficult to need to figure out directions as well.  Thanks for your patience, time and supporting friendship.  BTW Ozzie says thanks for being a buddy too.

The Scamp will be an ongoing project for some time.  The basics are fine. My door hinges, as is common with the majority of Scamps, will need adjusting.  After some serious research because why make a mistake when you can learn from someone who already did that.  The windows though ghetto (as apposed to red neck which involves the use of duct tape! ) will be ok for quite some time while I save up to have them replaced by a pro. Painting both inside and out can be done as weather and budget allow - Marine paint and a roller I'm told. Cushions well my mattress from the van is a start.

I find myself downsizing like crazy - and I am already a minamalist! Lol I feel safer. More stable somehow.  It's a feeling that I recall having had when I lived in NYC. My income changed by a disability diagnosis and the security of an apartment that I could afford and no one could take away easily.  That feeling of stability allowed me to travel and eventually led to my life in Costa Rica.

All that stuff aside....I was gifted a trip to Canyon de Chelly AZ. And a Jeep tour!  Omgosh talk about forgetting your problems and projects!  I began to remember who I am and what's important to me as I heard the questions I began to ask our tour guide. ... see I'm not really the walking dead...