Friday, September 12, 2014

Simply a new start!

Whoohoo - our first morning out with the Scamp!  I'm proud of myself for towing comfortably and safely the 140ish miles from Cottonwood to the Mogollon Rim. Major mountain driving and all considered.

Al and I got separated once and I had to back out of a turn because there was not enough space to turn around. After much and many turns and a little fussing at myself for being in the situation. I prayed for guidance and ideas, took a deep breath and calmly went back at it.  I got both out and practice as well as a feeling of success.

The Scamp tows well. Although slow on major hills.  Though I recall that the van did that without towing. Its an older van.  I  need to be patient with her.  I will check fluids and especially oil today.

It was nice pulling stuff out to make a quick dinner to share with Al last night.  I got a little glamping style as I set the table. And this morning,  Ozzie and I woke up early opened a shade to watch the sunrising. Then dressed warmly to do the morning pee (he's a dog no offense). And then we made coffee in the kitchen of the Scamp and sat at the table to wake up.   :)

It's beautiful up in this area. We will take a longer walk soon. Then a few more Scamp projects to piddle with.  I'm smiling!