Monday, September 8, 2014

Simply outta jail

Well just kidding - but hey it feels like it to me!

Ozzie and I came out to BLM land about dusk last night. Al came out earlier, which feels great to know someone else in the area when arriving later in the day.

Although yesterday was tiring with Ozzie's clinic visit for a rabies shot in preparation for getting his dog license and with work on the Scamp. We got through it in time to settle down some before the nights rain.  The van is overpacked and kind of tight. And we are fine.

I feel the kind of freedom that is vital to my health.  I forgot about this.  To wake up with a view like this. The ability to just open my doors. And to have Al nearby - I'm not alone or wierded out.  Of course it will get hot later on. And we will have errands to finish up...but I can relax and take my time waking up and starting the day! Now if I had only out the rug and lawn chair (I gotta get one again)....