Saturday, October 4, 2014

Simply a Fun Day!

Today was simply a fun day.  Al, Ozzie and I drove into Mountainair NM. We had driven through the other day and stopped to wash laundry and noticed a sign about their farmers market.  Ak wanted to get some pictures and I thought it would be fun to pick out some fresh organic locally grown stuff to make a meal out of.  I enjoyed visiting with Janis (Janees) and Cookie as I picked up some purple potatoes,  Jerusalem artichokes and  squash  - I was thinking about making a stew for dinner.

I enjoyed walking Ozzie around town as Al took his photos.  The local people seem very friendly nearly everyone waves hello or stops to chat. I couldn't talk Ozzie into letting me buy him a dog bone at the hardware store.  They had bins of dog bones in different sizes aling with their display of "dead" things - okay it was someone's hobby to do taxidermy. They even have a zebra!  

Ozzie stayed with Al at the bakery - yum and popular - while I walked across the street to the grocery store to buy a couple things to complete our Farmers Market stew.

We drove the long way home to the campground. Then Ozzie and I rested a while before chopping some wood into manageable sizes for my Kelly Kettle's fire pot. Then I leisurely make a lovely stew. Well I thought it was lovely.  When my Scamping neighbor Julie stopped by to visit she offered some local eggs she had picked up and so I pulled out the gluten free flour mixture I have in the cupboard and made us all some biscuits.

This was a great relaxed and fun day for me. ... I don't want all my days to be the same although a few more like this peppered into my daily mix would be good.