Sunday, November 30, 2014

Simply a Windy Sunday

So whadya do?

Ozzie says chill!

We had a great day in town Joshua Tree yesterday. I bought some of Joshua's doggy treats for Ozzie and a small jar of honey from Lisa's Kitchen just cause! Smile.
We had a little walk in a parking lot and then through Petco...a bit traumatic meeting big dogs. We survived. I got a brass candle lantern at a thrift store.  Pretty and kinda nautical for $2.

I just noticed that my last two posts are stuck in internet publishing land...I will try to get them out and to you asap.

Hugs and Keep It Simple!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Is Ozzie Simply a sheep?

I guess that he thinks that he is! Lol

LHC or Lake Havasu City AZ is a beautiful area. Fortunately or unfortunately if you're driving, this is a retirement haven kind of town. Its common to see restored street rods or Packards driving around or parked in regular store parking lots.

Just outside of town on the north end of Rt 95 there is a beautiful secluded camping area. This is my first time visiting Craggy Wash. I thought that I had good directions tho alass I needed to mqke a phone call and turn around twice to find it.  Now that I know where it is, that won't happen again.  Driving North through town you pass the Wal-Mart and the Airport. After that last traffic light watch for a Right hand turn off between mile marker 190 and 191. Just as you turn Right off 95 you will notice a brown have the correct road. You will see a Welcome to Craggy Wash sign and campground host signs...the road is a bit rocky and sandy in places...well it is dirt and they had a flood earlier this year. Be a bit careful with your vehicle although I think anyone's car can make it.

While Ozzie and I were driving in yesterday afternoon we saw a young Dessert Big Horn Sheep!  I think Ozzie thought climbing rocks like him would be fun!

Friday, November 21, 2014


What if I really want to go somewhere off road and a minivan couldn't handle it?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Simply Blythe in the distance

and Turkey Day on the horizon

I tried to get a night time picture of the lights from the town of Blythe but alass smart phones are only so smart. (Smile)

Some of you may be wondering why I am making such big changes.  Selling the Scamp. Selling the van.   Whatever is going on?  Well I am healthier!  Woohoo! And I have Ozzie now! And....its time.

I have learned that I love to drive. I don't want to sit still very long at all. I want to visit national parks see the northwest us, get further into canada and visit Dee and go out for breakfast (its cheaper) or lunch with friends. I want to go for no other reason than I woke up and its time to go! I'm healthier! My food can be less expensive and my kitchen smaller.  Ozzie - my dear Ozzie,  he gives me something to wake up for, to get outside for, to care for and i do just that. I live more time outside. As I readjust my finances and get back out of debt, if I can lower my overhead then I can actually have a life and not only be moving from free camping to free camping to Wal-Mart and back to free camping.

My van has been great - of course when new, it was made for a state cop who was 6'5" tall! Try reaching overdrive! And show up at a mechanic shop and often its $90 just to take the engine cover off. And for me who loves to drive, mountain driving with a large vehicle and only two feet of hood in front of you....welll I don't want to see the country that way.

So the Scamp became a flip. And a good one.
Hopefully the van follows suit and we can shop for a newer model MiniVan.
Ozzie wants windows that open and a booster seat. Great gas mileage would be good. Maybe a sun/moon roof and good sterio...a flatish rear floor and a roof rack wouldn't hurt at all.

Simply Sumore changes. ..

Ozzie and I are settling down from the day.  Some sweet potatoes are on the stove - I think that I will turn mine into a sweet potato salad.

On the horizon we can see Ms Marcia nesting in her new Scamp! Omgosh it's a done deal!

As things of this magnitude tend to create some stress in those final moments this surely didn't disappoint! Although seeing how happy Ms Marcia is makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Ozzie had a chance to visit with his pal Zeak earlier.  The rocks in this area are kinda hard on all the doggy friends paws. Spoiled - says who? Ozzie was treated to a sore paw epson salt soak as we cleaned up to go inside for the night.

Vantucket is still for sale.  I'm aware of the odd logistics that could take place at any time now ... and I feel sure that we will be well blessed with our new home soon. We will be looking for a minivan very soon.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Simply Why - nope not AZ

I wrote this to the East Coast Nomadic Van n vehicle full timer crowd ... I think it is a good explanation of some of my thoughts on recent changes. ..isn't computer cut and paste great. ..well sometimes.

Mee too cuz. I was so disappointed to have missed you by a 2 hour diversion promoted to be an emergency that turned into a traumatic event. ..the escape route led me westerly! (See I can be nice lol)

I have learned so much through my different travels and modes of living.  The big Scamp lesson is that even though I am on SSDisability....low income. ...I don't want to have a sit still lifestyle.  Even nomads can be people who choose to sit still for many days or two weeks or a month or even the 6 months possible with LTVA passes in the South Western US. I like to go and explore. Sure I want to knit or read a book maybe even watch a movie.  Then let's hike to the hot springs and take lunch with us. Or drive 200 or 500 miles to see something new. So and especially so now that I have my new travel buddy Ozzie along - read into that a $300 vet bill to surgical remove cactus thorns imbedded between his toes - and I am ready to lower my monthly overhead.  I can live in a smaller space I'm a minimalist and love the mobile backpack idea. I choose to live with low tech stuff and choose only what really works for me.
My health has improved so some of my prior ideas were based on being okay when I was very sick - like vomiting and diarrhea,  think about bathroom issues and stuff.
Anyway the Scamp rolls right along although she can and does do dirt roads slowly she likes paved roads better than dirt. Lesa wants to go anywhere! If only I could live in a Jeep? The Scamp also sits still well. I wanted that once.  With Ozzie I am outside earlier and stay outside more. Vantucket - the van is great.  Space is good. It's even pretty.  I don't love driving it in the mountains and I want to do more of that. I have done routine maintenance regularly and stuff that came up I had repaired early. It gets great gas mileage at 17.9 mpg. I didn't start this journey two years ago with an emergency fund - I sent back $3000 to buy a van and spent $1100 on another one for someone else first then moved them half way across the country before they helped get mine for the original price of $900. Of course right away I needed tires and a radiator and clothes because I had been living in Costa Rica! I wasn't prepared for winter in the US. Anyway - when I was approved for a credit card with a $2000 limit I was thinking that it would be my emergency fund.  It has been and after the maintenance and repairs that card is maxed out.  After nearly ten years of living debt free, I don't like living with debt. I borrowed more to get the Scamp because I thought that I would have to sit still for a year or so,  at least for the winter and not move to start getting caught up and work on that emergency fund.  Then Ozzie came into my life and gave me some hope, comfort and a reason to get my often depressed butt out of the van. ...and some really good friends reminded me that I am worthwhile and I am no longer depressed and the financial struggle is on a budgeted path - yeah!  So I didn't think that I could make a change in vehicles though with the support of friends and a few new ideas - why the heck up for sale.  Send out some prayers for confidence and a smooth transition that is good for many and a new adventure is on!

BTW that pretty kewl other van I bought is available as a project van in the Little Rock AR area for $1000 it's a 6 cylinder 1994 Chevy Mach III conversation TV top shorty passenger van. I know it is running and being used though that mechanic recently bought a pickup as a daily driver.....

Didn't mean to write a book but I would like to share how changes can happen to us all.  I'm going to copy this as a blog post for today!

Later cuz-es (is that even a term?)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Simply Towing Backwards and What's up with Ozzie!

I never did tow more than a couple odd times until I bought the Scamp.
Towing in reverse?
Well, I heard stories. And in the last month I have learned how! (Happy dance)
And the squiggly tire tracks. ..well I just keep at it.
Check out the snake I saw.

Ozzie - well dear Ozzie, he's such a trooper and hiking buddy! But wow the southwest has all kinds of prickly things on the ground. We all love him, it shows in the concern as we help pull or cut things off his paws after a nice days hike. Ozzie had been traumatized before he came to be with me.  The trauma seems mostly to do with his feet and his dew claws (the curly thumb like claw). He can even bite if he is scared and something hurts his foot like when pulling out stickers. I have been working with him to lessen his anxiety and we have been doing well. Then he got some very bad stickers that we thought were out but he kept messing with his foot.  Then I took him for grooming and he came back different - almost schizophrenic.  He wouldn't eat. Hewas hidding under things it was scary and nothing seemed to help. He began improving yesterday when he came out to eat and then asked to go for a walk.but he was still favoring that foot...I decided it was veterinarian time.  I took him this morning.  It was determined that he at least had thorns imbedded between his toes. Poor buddy. Because of his anxiety it was decided to put him under anesthesia to get him the best care....well that busted the budget!  I return to pick him up in a little while so I will let you know what happened.  But on the advice of the Vet. Ozzie has new boots!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Simply Traveling and No Cell Zones!

Al, Ozzy, Lou and I have been traveling and enjoying each others company.

We spent two nights at City of Rocks New Mexico State Park which was a very different and really nice experience.
City of Rocks looks a lot like Bedrock from the Flintstones cartoons. You kind of come up a rise and turn a corner and there it is just layed out in the valley.

We drove through Tombstone and Sierra Vista Arizona. We spent a few days at Gardner Canyon and drove into Sahuarita to get a few things, fill water jugs and take Ozzie to the vet.

Al is a great tour guide and has been really helpful. Of course Ozzie loves him after thier time together while I sick. It's fun to watch them visit together every day.

It's very nice to catch up with Lou. Lou plays guitar, loves blues and lives in the kewlest little green vardo.

Quite a few changes are being made. We have the Van and Scamp ready for sale. I have decided that I'm selling both so I can downsize. I have sent the ad's out a few days ago.

So many things have changed in the last couple of months. While I was in  Elephants Butte and Truth or Consequences New Mexico I was surprised to find out that my body is in pretty good shape. And even more surprised that we found some answers to some of my health problem. I will be able to eat more normally which will help my budget. With changes like these I can think a little differently about how I want to travel and what I want to include in my life. Like Ozzie - of course!

I'm really grateful and blessed to have the stability of some really good friends which seems to matter more than the stability of a town or building.

I feel very good as I continue to downsize even more. Some of the best times in my life were when I could travel light and often. There is a kind of freedom to living minimally even having not much more than would fit into a backpack. 

Oh yeah and we have been out of cell signal too!