Monday, December 29, 2014

Simply part two

I knit and delivered a hat.
Got some scrap plywood and made a countertop for my kitchenette.
Made a safety cage for my Kandle Heeter - I have a dog now!
I seasoned my new Dutch Oven and made stew - check out Al's
Dried off Ozzie after his 7 am and 35 degree - I'm wearing my sweater and going swimming adventure!  Yes he then rolled in the sand (rolling eyes) - Ozzie B. Dirt!
And I helped solve a phone issue.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Simply .. This Week

Saw me traveling to and from Quartzsite and Yuma.

We may ask what do crop duster pilots and giant poodles have in common? The answer would be the attention of my friend Evelyn! We had an enjoable visit filled with chit chat and campfires and hot cups of coffee!  I even momentarily forgot about my allergy to nuts and ate a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie - and then promptly suffered an entire evening. Will I ever remember?  I do like food. Time to admit that. I like food and cooking and being creative with it and learning the old ways from the elderly in other cultures.  And I need to be gentle with my own digestive system which has been an issue since I was a child.

Evelyn brought her new truck with her old Lance six pack camper on the back and  her Giant Poodle Charlie!  He and Ozzie are good buddies and love to run and play together.

After this morning's adventure - Ozzie decided to go for a swim on one of the coldest mornings we have had and in his only sweater! Of course he then rolled in the sand - which is why his full name is Ozzie B Dirt!
So after that excitement Ms Evelyn and Charlie loaded up the truck and took off for thier other home near Sedona.

I'm going to write this is a couple posts because of the amount of pictures I want to share and I am using the Blogger phone App. I learned that sending five or less pictures works best with the App...

To be continued!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bad hair day!

Ozzie was napping under a blanket. ...

Fortuna Road and East Yuma has been gently developing into a small-ish fairly comfy maneuverable area. Plenty of BLM camping nearby makes for a good and warm winter experience.

We are enjoying ourselves at the Pond. With and without friends.  Jerry from RTR stopped by after noticing the van! Al comes and goes - what a wonderful great guy! Dale & Gail just left for their holiday spot - thanks for being good inspiration!

There is knitting happening! 


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rain drops...

Keep fallin on my roof

And just like the guy whose...


I gentle rain is falling at Fortuna pond tonight it's 730 ish. Ozzy and I have had quite a day of doggy training. It's been exhausting and wonderful. I think I think he is doing a great job as we learn to not bark at every dog we meet.

I relaxed with some neighbors at a fire pit tonight. And now it's time to settle in for the night so I thought I would sing the start of raindrops because truly raindrops are falling on my roof tonight I think it'll be a good night's sleep.

Please check out Fortuna Pond when you're in the Yuma area. I'm here early this year and there is a little bit of trash and a number of tents with people who have been here for a little while perhaps longer than 14 days. After the snow birds come which is starting to happen now there will be a nice vibe around the pond. If you need directions let me know it's very close to 95 and between a lot of agricultural fields.

These are some pictures of some of the campsites.



Monday, December 15, 2014

Simply a Simple Tiny

Church alongside the road!

I've wanted to stop each time I was on the road to Yuma.  This was the day!

I could so live in some thing this size so enjoying a few solitary moments were welcomed.

After taking a few pictures I used the tiny wash station porta john...didn't know that they made these...and then walked Ozzie around the giant hay stacks.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Simply don't know why

But I feel so happy!
And I don't really feel like blog writing. ..
So I am just letting you all know that I am fine and Ozzie is well.
We are with friends in the desert around Quartzsite AZ.

I will re-order another Kandle Heeter from Mr.Doss in California. I sold last year's one to a older traveling woman along the road.  I know it will get cold again at night soon and this is a good low tech alternative heat source for me.  Of course it is very easy to get fuel in California tho I struggled to find it on the East Coast.

I'd still like a different vehicle - and will let that develop as changes do...

Happy winter season
As I blow out the candlelight to go to bed

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Simply can't recall what I

Wrote about our Simply great and Simple Thanksgiving!
I wrote that blog post after turning in for the night Thanksgiving day.  My Blogger cellphone app says that the post is still 'publishing' nearly a week later.....darn I tried everything that I could think of.

Our small group of traveling buddies met up in Joshua Tree.  We spent a few days at my friends unofficial/private campground. They rent out or will barter RV or van spaces complete with electric and water hook ups.they have a community space complete with kitchen, hot water shower and composting toilet.

We spent a comfortably easy Thanksgiving day doing what we each felt was appropriate. That process led us to sit down to any enjoyable 1:30ish meal of Turkey,  rice stuffing, mashed potatoes, gluten free giblet gravy, freshly made cranberry relish, stir fried green beans, a  banana carob chip sweet bread, gluten free crust pumpkin pie, pumpkin custard and homebrewed Chia Cream Ale!

We milled around chit chatting the rest of the day. Clean up organically happened and I doubt any one of us felt tired from the day's 'work' - I sure didn't feel like any of it was stressful or work...just smooth fun and socializing.