Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rain drops...

Keep fallin on my roof

And just like the guy whose...


I gentle rain is falling at Fortuna pond tonight it's 730 ish. Ozzy and I have had quite a day of doggy training. It's been exhausting and wonderful. I think I think he is doing a great job as we learn to not bark at every dog we meet.

I relaxed with some neighbors at a fire pit tonight. And now it's time to settle in for the night so I thought I would sing the start of raindrops because truly raindrops are falling on my roof tonight I think it'll be a good night's sleep.

Please check out Fortuna Pond when you're in the Yuma area. I'm here early this year and there is a little bit of trash and a number of tents with people who have been here for a little while perhaps longer than 14 days. After the snow birds come which is starting to happen now there will be a nice vibe around the pond. If you need directions let me know it's very close to 95 and between a lot of agricultural fields.

These are some pictures of some of the campsites.