Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Hello

Hi everyone!
Happy whatever you like to do during the winter - if its holidays or just snow days or what have you!

I am still spending my days around the general area of St. John's AZ.  Yes, I truely am buying land here.  No I am not DONE traveling - I am a traveler or adventurer or something by nature.

I apologize that I don't own a camera nor do I have any pictures to share right now.  It snowed here about a week ago and again last night.  We have had 5 inches of the fun white stuff!

I am bunking with friends for the time being while it is so cold and not too good for camping.  My trailer project is coming along nicely and will see a little break in work due to the cold, the snow and its forthcoming melt which will bring mud... pretty good idea since all the work has been taking place outside.  By the way, if you want to renovate or bring life to an older trailer please do yourself a favor and figure out a covering while you are doing the work, if possible, because it certainly takes longer when you have to stop working because of the weather.

Ozzie is not with me right now.  Because the friend's I'm staying with have large dogs and cats, and the handyman friend who is assisting (or doing most of) with the renovations on the trailer offered to let Ozzie stay with that's where he is.  I saw him last week - chunky butt buddy! the handyman guy likes to cook and he feeds Ozzie VERY well - I understand that Ozzie's favorite food is chicken!

My van - Vantucket - is up for sale - has been for a few months now.  I hate to have her just sitting around waiting on her new family - but hey - stuff happens.  She is parked at Jones Auto in St. John's waiting for a trade, partical trade or full sale! I keep her battery charged and start her often.

I'm still enjoying driving the SilverBullet - Honda.  Recently John at Jones Auto was able to replace the original computer and repair a problem that has resulted in the Honda feeling like a new vehicle.  Its so much fun to drive now - and its handy in the snow and rural town I am in.

I camped in the car until after the first snow, when I broke down and asked a local church to help me find a warmer way to get by until my trailer is finished.  They gave me a couple nites in a local hotel, which was a welcome change.  During that time I arranged for another situation and stayed there a few weeks.  That first place was challenging with dogs that will bite people, no bathroom and no kitchen.  I found a more comfortable situation about the same time that I got sick for a couple having the bathroom and a shower was wonderful.  I'm able to be a positive help with the family and thier community of friends and it feels good.

I have begun to volunteer at the church's thrift store (the same one that put me up in the hotel).  I am having a great time spending time at the thrift store - decorating windows, cleaning stuff and stocking shelves.

Anyway - I've heard from a couple of you lately --- Evelyn, if you are reading this I lost your phone number - please send me a message and include your number.

Hugs to you all
I don't know about RTR and not sure if I'm going yet.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Simply Busy and away!

Hi All!
Long time no blog!
Well - so much has been going on and I've not felt much like writing lately. AND I've been away from the internet...

I got my Free to low income people phone.  I chose to go with the Safelink company which gives me a few months of double minutes and UNLIMITED text messaging.  My phone seems to be working fine.  It is NOT a smart phone - so no pictures, no email, and old school text typing on a basic Huawei phone.  I'm pretty happy with it so far. I had to get a new phone number so I did loose contact with a few people who had the old number.  If you are trying to reach me, you can use the blogger contact page to send me an email and give me a number to reach you at.  Texting works pretty well although they are shorter than I used to type because of the format on this phone. 

Ozzie update:  well, I thought that he had lost his voice in his accident.  Darn, he didn't (just kidding).  I find it kind of incredible that he seems to be fine.  His wounds are healing well and I think just began the itchy scab stage. He's been able to rest well, as where we are currently staying there are no dogs.  When in town though he barks like crazy at BIG dogs so we use his carrying crate/kennel thing more often - I figure if he can't see them, there is less stress and less barking.

I'm physically well.  Mentally I'm doing okay - off and on I have a memory thing pop up that momentarily interferes with the present (that's part of PTSD).  I had that happen the other day while helping at a friend's ranch and they decided to work on a welding project...I don't do well with sparks and batteries and grinders and well all that kinda stuff...nor lightening!  Anyway, I found a way to manage by smiling and running away to find a different project...I'm pretty good at managing.

Location update:  I'm still in the general area of the land that I am acquiring soon.  I have moved, temporarily, to a neighboring town called Concho Valley.  We actually moved my project travel trailer to a friend's property so that they could help me renovate it for living.  I haven't said much about this project because it can seem daunting or overwhelming to some people and I need to hear positive feedback.  I actually was given a 1959 Kencraft Travel Trailer.  This project trailer was left in the desert and trashed by whomever wanted to pull a piece off of it.  So I got it with only a few windows, an old stove (which I traded for some work), the sink and a few cabinet also came with about a foot or two of sand and a family of (all gone now) rats! ewww. 

Ozzie and I sleep in the car at night and work on the project most days.  It has been rather rainy and with thunderstorms producing hail, there have been quite a few days when we couldn't work at all.  BUT - the great news is that we have the roof repaired and coated, the cast iron plumbing pipe removed and most of the demolition is finished.  We prepared the rear wall for its rebuild yesterday by removing the aluminum skin and all the rotten wood has been removed. You may wonder as I do sometimes, how I can afford to do this kind of project on my measly monthly budget -- well, I find useful stuff, I try to take on only projects that have some good left in them and I pinch every penny till it screams!  I spent only $30 on household items this month - that's food (thank our society for food pantries), dog treats, everything... I gave up my smartphone and it's $50 a month bill.  The paneling I need to use for the trailer is $9 a sheet I'm probably going to use a total of 4, the 2x2's that will replace rotten studs are $2 each and I will need a couple 1x3 boards that are $4 each.  Windows I took from other old trailers are not exactly going to I am rethinking some of what I want to do.  My two front windows were going to have glass but the guy that cut it tried to give me untempered really thin window glass that I was scared to put in the car, never mind drive down the road on a we renegotiated for Lexan that was way more than I wanted to spend though less expensive that buying sheets of it at Lowe's or Home Depot and no risk of cutting it myself.  Soooo - $100 for my front windows (yeah for me that's an ouch) we worked out a payment plan so I can continue to fund the work that needs to be done right away, like more windows, wood for rebuilding that wall -- things like flooring and paint can wait until next payday.

I just saw my ride to Home Depot, with a pick-up truck, pass by the library window so I need to finish up and go meet him.  I don't have any pictures to share right now - no smart phone remember!
Have a great week or so till I get back to blogging.  Leave comments, I will respond as soon as I can.

remember Keep It Simple Sweetie

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Simply an Update

Ozzie and I are simply living life. Of course at this time of the year seasons are changing and all the animals in our world are getting busy. Ozzie continues to hunt and protect our base campsite. I've had my thoughts pretty much focused on getting us prepared for cooler weather. I have a simply loosely woven plan which includes being in Quartzsite for the RTR in January. And begin available for travel with RTR buddies in February.

We've been dehydrating fruits and vegetables in our solar dryer. When in town we search for metal tins, like christmas popcorn tins for storage because of the animals. I may need to make jelly or apple butter at some point if I keep getting so many apples...I truely cannot wait until I can make a better place for food storage. I've been given a lot of local produce and can't use it fast enough. Plus its a bit difficult with our mobile life to maneuver crocks of sauerkraut and stuff. I need to build a larger solar dehydrator too. My light portable one blew over in the wind the other day. I lost a lot of native heirloom corn that I processed by hand...darn.

We are also making progress with our project travel trailer which will likely stay here onsite this winter. I know that I am being a bit quiet on this. .I feel like I need to keep this to myself for a while. Besides I can't let myself get excited over anything it seems because I don't know what will happen good or bad....and disappointments are very terribly upsetting and painful.
Realistically I believe that we can turn this project into a lovely, simple and comfortable completely off-grid mobile (because it has wheels) tiny home. One of my favorite birds will be my color inspiration for this project. A Chickadee.

Chickadees and wild daisys....nothing is more peaceful and lovely...well clouds and sea shells (chuckle)

Keep it Real as well as Simple
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Simply sos ya'll know

I'm having phone problems. I used to be a techy I've done all that I can. I believe that the internal usb charging pin is damaged.
I have not budgeted for a new phone.
I learned recently that I qualify for the Free Lifeline Phone. I will fax in my application this week.
I will try to get to the library and send more blog posts this week.
We are okay.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Simple Life Breakfast

A mug of Cowboy Coffee and Mini Potato Latkes!

Simply what to do now!

I've had this for FOUR years. Thanks Dee for your gift that kept me thinking of you guys every day.
It's been. .. my RTR mug!
The thoughts I had run through after it broke!
Well I started a Memory tree at the circular drive at Windsong Ranch it seems only fitting to make it it's new home where lizards can crawl around and hide out or some plant can start a home. Hey might look good with a hens and chickens succulent growing around it!?!

Now where is that other coffee cup?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Relationship Simple Revelation

If the person who you think that you may have an interest in OR may be interested in you spends most of their time online. And you don't. ..

The online community may know them.

You might not know thier mind/thoughts at all even if they were parked right beside you

Keep it Simple Sweethearts
Keep it REAL


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Simply one of the best investments

One of the best pieces of gear that I have ever bought is this Camo net. Thanks to Al of for the idea!

I will admit to being fairly human which comes with being lazy.  I have seen far too many RVs and Vans with damages from an awning caught in the wind. So the idea of some shade n even partial shade with less maintenance or running to get the awning down before it gets ripped off. ..was right up my practical alley!

Simply Sharing: Ed's Inverter Info

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I feel as though I Simply have a job!

And I truely don't. ...but I have been very busy lately.  Beats boredom any day!

My lawn chair broke.
I groomed Ozzie. ...who's currently burying his leftovers from supper.
I got my camp kitchen set up. I got an older Coleman Expedition Kitchen for a great deal at a yard sale while traveling.
I washed laundry and cleaned the bathroom tent and porta potty.
And it was Hot today. Hot with no real escape even in the shade.
I cleaned up the rooftop cargo carrier in preparation for a trade I've been discussing.
I finally placed a Cragslist ad for the van.
And I called my Canned Ham advisor guy about the project in my driveway. I have a 1953-59 Kencraft travel trailer.  It's quite a project though it has many good features as well.  I'm not physically working on it yet because I am first working out the title. If it's not really mine I am not investing in it. So I likely have three more weeks before that is done. I'm not 100% certain which way to deal with this Canned Ham. It's possible to simply fix the title and sell it as is to some collector or person looking for a project.  Or I could take my sweet time and turn it into something for myself. At least this time I have a safe place to park it. (You all can vote if you like)

I've also been doing research and preparing to buy a piece of land here in St John's AZ. This all is happening while I am paying down my debt that I incurred while traveling and owning the van in the past Four years. I had lived debt free for many years before that even though it was always a struggle and I did without a lot of things that most people consider normal.

I LOVE my new Honda. Driving it is fun and comfortable. I've done a few things like have the a/c charged and straightening a dent. We've been sleeping in my 'Honda Bedroom' most nights. The larger tent has become storage space, it had been well loved and used and the zippers and tiny holes are not comfortable in our AZ monsoon rains.

I'm planning to take a simple shower before bed tonight. I want the best nights sleep that I can manage.  And it is starting to cool down some finally.

While I was in town the other day working with the DMV, I stopped for coffee at TLC Restaurant.  Tim, the owner and chef, grew up in the same church community as I did - which is both cool and odd. His wife Laurie is lovely and dabbles in essential oils on the side. Its really nice to make new friends who just happen to make the best coffee in town!

I feel like I belong here. Like this space is home.
I'm going to embrace that for as long as the gift of this feeling sticks around. .and to think that I would not have come here if I had not gone to my first RTR!

Vantucket - Simply on Craig's List

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Simply the stuff of happiness.

Its not what we may think - chasing home or the things of home or relationships or people or running to escape our past  or anything that comes even close to looking like our past.

Happiness for me is watching Ozzie as he feels safe enough to run and play and explore! Its accepting the responsibility for another being that has allowed me to mostly forget my dissatisfaction and depression and get past a lot of my own crap and all that has allowed me to openly enjoy watching his happiness.

Wouldn't it be kewl to have a close personal relationship develop the same thing?!?

PS it's really hard to get a good picture of his playing to share. :(

Monday, August 10, 2015

Wondering what is Simply going on?

This past week I returned from my trip to Colorado. I drove my new to me Honda Passport home and after 7-8 hours I was tired. I had some rest time before starting the errands process. I set up the well loved gift tent which is basically being used as storage because of daily rain with thunderstorm warnings in my area. I also set up my new shower/potty tent! Omgosh I'm so glad to have that it feels rather luxurious!  Then I needed to reconnect my friends solar system (I hate dealing with batteries) which took a couple days till I reconnected while it was dark outside to lower the spark risk. Then my van has been in town because I can not get a ride to pick it up so I visited and picked up some things. Then placed a For Sale sign in a window just to see if there was any interest. ..i recieved two serious calls the next day. I'm waiting for a call back now.

A friend and I went to Pie Town NM for Sunday brunch. Nice to catch up with the friend - the town and trip was a travel yawn and pies looked terrible and small slices for $6 each. Needless to say we didn't eat pie!

I've finally feed the hummingbirds and song birds again here at the property.
Ozzie and I have been enjoying the Honda. While raining we make a bed in the back. I picked up more personal stuff from the van today and so have too much stuff. I've really enjoyed living minimally the past month and wonder why I thought that I needed so much when I was in the van.

I love the change of perspective after returning from a trip.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Simply a Great Vacation

I've been having a great time here in Colorado for the past two weeks. Visiting with Shane & Lily and getting to experience both their life in Denver and their new lot near Eleven Mile State Park has been fun.

The altitude has left me with tight lungs, no energy and feeling rather sick. It is rather cold here as well so if you are planning a visit come prepared!

Ozzie has been very well behaved. Lily and Ozzie met up very shortly after he came to live with me.  They remember when it was extremely difficult for Ozzie to meet other dogs and when he was very territorial. I think that he feels more safe and secure now. Shane & Lily both commented on how much better he is and how calm he is. Training is paying off.

Unfortunately I have had some cellphone signal problems - traveling with phones can be annoying.

Lily and I went to Hartsel Days yesterday. We got to see a gun fight reenactment and do some shopping. We visited South Park City and Buena Vista which has great garage sales.

I'm working on this blog post using the free wifi at the Highline Cafe & Saloon while having a coffee and Lily's leftover fries. The coffee is really smooth and the fries huge hand cut beauties. Shane said that the bowl of Green Chili was fabulous!

People here are pretty crafty.  Someone makes humming bird feeders from old bottles. Pretty kewl.

I woke this morning knowing that I will be heading home tomorrow.  So I guess that I will.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Simply Crazzy

To give you guys a little update. I'm in Colorado picking up my new to me SUV.

Ozzy and I took off from Holbrook Arizona on a Greyhound bus.  It felt nice to let someone else do the driving. We rode for nearly 18 hours on the bus including a five hour layover in Albuquerque.

We were both very tired when we got here. SO we took a couple of days too kind of chill out and visit with our friends Shane & Lily. We gradually have been enjoying some vacation style things like going to a waterpark one day and to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We have camped out in some of the local camping spots with them. I've gotten used to driving the new car and got the insurance and legal stuff taken care.

Visiting in a large city like Denver has been good and different.   The low drone of traffic all day long as well as the hot city weather can add to our stress levels.

I'm walking Ozzie around the lot behind Cabela's here in Denver. They have a large grassy area with sidewalks in the back. We saw a couple small rabbits. I had never been to Colorado before and everytime you look up there are incredible views of mountains on the horizon. 

So this morning we were getting a few little things from storage and running a couple errands. There are a couple repairs Shane wanted to make to his travel trailer. I also had a couple things that I wanted to do so we went into Harbor Freight which is a tool store. As we were leaving some older gentleman who wasn't doing very well pulled right in back of me while I was backing out and so I had to deal with insurance companies. Yup an accident. Its been years since any thing like this has happened to me.  Everyone is fine. I was nervous and shaken. I entertained thoughts about people and liking the vast open country of the west and Arizona. 

I wanted to stay to take part in another milestone in Lily and Shane's RV life. We will likely head home next week.

I've enjoyed meeting the full time RVers that live and maneuver around the area here in Denver. Its always interesting to hear the stories and experiences of people I meet.

I've gotten a couple great yard sale deals. Used my Cabela's points and am being careful with my budget so I can both do this AND meet my goals.

I believe that we are going to get out of town tomorrow. I know that I need the break!  I will try to get another post out this week.

Let me know how you guys are doing!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Simply quietly riding into. ..

My last post was about Simply being along for the ride!  And I am. Quietly, hopefully patiently in my seat. Watching out the window as we move along.   Okay not always quietly because I do like to talk. <grin>

My intention was to write and publish a post and update on Wednesday. ..but we were still in motion - unit this morning. I'm enjoying my coffee which I made inside my van. Sitting on my milk crate/game board with Ozzie at my feet I sip the dark warm liquid while I listen to NPR news on a borrowed radio (that I repaired by the way).

It's Friday. The month of July is half over. At times, time simply flies past. Yes I am still parked on my friend's 20 acres. I love this area and the people that I meet. The small towns and old school businesses are not only manageable but fun too. The weather has been interesting. With some challenging flooded roads this past week. Which kinda reminded me of rainy season in Costa Rica.  I have found out how to get both UPS and FedEx deliveries even in poor weather, small batch bulk water delivery and cleaned an old water tank for storage. Ozzie is helping to kill the pack rats that had gotten into every thing stored here and we are bagging up some trash.I added a couple bird feeders and we have some kewl visitors each day. Many hummingbirds are here.

I feel happy and healthy most days. I did have one mild asthma coughing spell the other day but I am alright. It didn't last long.

The van needs another repair (sigh). Since I will be traveling by Greyhound bus this week. I will leave the van in the shop while I am away.

I will be traveling to Colorado this week. I've never been there before. I'm going to visit some friends and to pick up a vehicle.

Yesterday I was given a rather large project. I am excited to see how the process turns out this time. I enjoy taking an old unusable thing and bringing it back to life. I will start with clean up and assesment of the actual scope. You know how it is when you see something the first time its hard to know what really needs to be done until you start cleaning it up. It should be arriving here this morning - along with a borrowed chainsaw so we can widen the narrow curvey driveway that runs along the easement of neighboring property. 

Yes I am already taking pictures! I would like to make a little progress before I start talking about it much. I'm managing my ability to become overwhelmed and anxious.  I can so take my time with this project because of where I am staying.

That's about all I have for now. ..
I saw that Lou was nearly finished with his remodeling of his Vardo. Al did some repairs and remodling, Donna & Mark have been working with family and have workamping set up for the near future. My friend Gail is workamping nearby and I was able to visit her recently, which was very nice and felt like a mini vacation complete with a perspective change. I think that Evelyn may be hoping to find a lot where it is legal to camp, because of her 'home' travel trailer, because paying rent sucks :). I also noticed that Jessie and Ed have been on the East Coast.

I'm looking forward to visiting with my friends at RTR this year.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Simply along for the ride!

Uncomfortable weather - hot or cold, wet or desert dry
As well as legal regulations. ...

Over the years since I left my parent's home in Eliot, Maine: these issues have been a consistent part of my thoughts. I was not prepared with information or experience out in 'the world'. I didn't understand legal stuff or how to rent and deal with landlords. I thought everyone had to be fair and that they would deal in every situation ethically, honestly and legally.   and when they didn't I was confused and baffled - and when some of those people were family it was even more baffling - its no wonder I became depressed.

I have tried on (like shoes - grin) many different living situations. When out of ideas I have even stayed in homeless shelters and tried to live within the system. .working up from the shelter to transitional housing and finally snagging the Section 8 housing.... (by the way - yuk can you say no freedom and no money)

My dad told me once that living takes everything (he ment money) you make. He's right in this society living takes all your energy.

So, why not use that energy doing something kewl that you actually like?

I've been accused of changing my mind a lot. Maybe I do. What's wrong with that?

Apartment 1 - old building n kewl
Park bench - its pretty at least and only a couple nights while I learn what to do.
Cottage - inexpensive darn the skunk family under the bedroom floor
Off season beach cottage - free for house sitting until the hippies left.
Rt 1 Motel for construction guys - picked by a family member because I was not worth helping (actual conversation)
An Uncle's spare room - so I can find a job oops Auntie doesn't let women stay with her...sorry you gotta go now. People aye!
Off season military rooming house - sleazy sucky but darn okay I will babysit inexchange for a room.
Hmmm then the exhusband starts calling the shots. with his friends, then try again with my family (disaster you'd think I learned) then apartment 2 - husb doesn't like to pay rent. we go again - na creative problem solving lets live in a van yup in 1978 in a 1968 Chevy with the engine between the seats. I even made chicken stew on that engine. And why live in a van so we could save money to buy land and build a house and have it paid for.  (Novel ideas aye?)
Apartment 3 I was a few months from having my first baby and there still wasn't enough money for land or a house. ..
Then house trailer beside the junk yard - we had enough to buy that and spruce it up...ah but those husbands who become ex's  he wasn't helping fix. He'd take apart and leave it all ghetto and scarey with two babies. ..
Trade up to an out of state move and owner financed rent to own land...on a creek with moose n coyotes n - omgosh he still won't help....
Time at parent's in a different state
House rental a mile from parents
Church and exhubby want me to try again
Apartment 3 - half condemned building. ..but I gotta or bye byw church, kids, family and friends.
I was done so done
House rental 2 in the city I don't remember much.  I was tired. I left
Plans all fell through I gotta go to parents - dread no - 3 months and church threatening parents. I left.
Cardwelling - like vandwelling in a car.
Apartment 4 - with coworker (later bf) horrible no bathroom no sink no kitchen - they rent places like this?  Okay camping equipment and now we have a bathroom, shower and kitchen. ..until I loose it. ..he's a drug addict - I don't even know what that is? I'm so stupid.  I don't trust me.
Homeless shelter 1 & 2
Apartment 5 - arguing and trying to work things out and I get backhanded!
Homeless shelter 2
Apartment 6 & 7 him in rehab. I'm going to college! My family thinks I am not smart and I am in college!  Whoohoo. Maybe I will be an Art Therapist! Wow the debt.
Apartment 8 --- I don't even remember it all
9, 10, 11....
On my own good job Apt 12 with the river view. suck downsized!
Back to the car. my way into Apt 13 or something in NYC...nervous breakdown
Homeless shelter 3-8, transitional housing. ..omgosh my neighbor is having an affair with my brother in law?
Moved in with sister...can't do it. .just can't
Homeless shelter (I lost count)
SSDI disability came through. ..I'm going back to NYC...but I have to be homeless in NYC for a year first...shelters #?-? One and a half years.
Rooming house I was told was the first step to my apartment. was a lie...crap
Apt? Times Sqare not bad but what's the smell. .omgosh are you serious my neighbor died...I'm not going out this way I'm too young.
CR ..... house sitting or projects ...

Its too much
I don't fit anywhere. ...

Hiking the AT three months alone outdoors sleeping in a hammock. Lightening and snow and hail

A hospital stay - family again and this time I am done. .nothing good comes from my family.

Dad dies
Oh the homestead in CR - not my land. Don't believe anyone.

A van.  Okay I have been there...I can do this.

Only it is friggin cold!
and I don't like this"great" van.  It's not anything like the pictures isent to the party who helped me get it. And who cares about speakers and electronic stuff. I've been living in the jungle and woods for three years. .I could care less about electric systems for a generator.
(no offence to anyone who has or had a part in my past life. )

Fast forward
I'm sitting on 20 acres
Lots of same ideas as always run back through to be processed again with new live experience filters in place. ...

Not my land don't give too much.
What if the van needs a repair now?
I flipped the Scamp as a way to make money.  I could do that again.
Apache pop ups are doable.
Geo-Playa Domes are pricey and liveable. I want to stand up on a bad weather day.
Maybe I should build a Vardo?
Could I set up a Tipi alone?
I don't want to be alone - I love Ozzie and I am ready for a relationship with some one who is willing to SHARE the ups and downs.
Buying land.
If I had bought the first piece instead of relying on the my life. ..I'd still have something or somewhere. ..
Okay so before I turn 60 years old I am buying a piece of dirt. Even if I am doing something else with someone else. This is for me. It's kinda like my tattoo that I got for my 50th birthday it was all for me.

I got a call the other day and someone I helped is giving me a Honda SUV!

I don't know where I am being taken this time. ..and it may seem like I keep changing my mind. ...I'm Simply along for the ride....

Simply Morning Thoughts not an Update!

I teach a Personal Project Plan (P.P.P.) Class. Often I chose to teach at a Homeless or Battered Women's Shelter or Mental Health Wellness Center. After my nervous breakdown. ..omgosh 10 years ago this coming September/October. ..I was struggling with how to be okay.  It was odd to have the Doctor apply for Disability benefits for me and I needed the help. I guess I thought that I would work some lesson plan and over time (like maybe one year) I would be okay...whatever okay was/is.

A lot has changed in 10 years. I have traveled a lot! I have met many new people and even have learned how to not only meet them but also to develop some lasting friendships. I have relocated from Maine to Times Square NYC to Costa Rica and then to a Nomadic Vandweller lifestyle in the South West.  I recently relocated again to St John's Arizona.  For the past 6 months I have had the companionship of my Yorkie Ozzie. In the past ten years I attempted two relationships with men that didn't last the years that I prefer. I don't have tolerance any more for meanness, sly-it feels like you are hiding something or being abandoned in preference to internet porn. Oh and don't yell at me - my defenses will raise up and I will build an emotional wall that takes years or major trust work to get down. Talk to me as if I am a full capable human, even if I have a problem to solve and give me time to go think about it. I'm a creative problem solver - okay and I often forget what the other people in mainstream society are like. Ask me to cook for a crowd with minimal supplies and it'll be done - with flair!

My new life/living situation is not that unfamiliar.  I am parked on 20 acres about 30 miles from a town. I have homesteaded before and was kind of raised in a homesteading situation with large gardens, house building and expansion, bee hives and 100 chickens at a time.

Being alone on twenty acres and in very close contact with nature gives me plenty of time to process what I have been through. Experiences that feel like struggles I am often able to learn from.  Because struggling is simply when a belief does not match a truth. Thank you Byron Katie!

Knowing that repeating some process that doesn't work over and over will never produce something different and will lead to crazzy! I have plenty of time and space to examine my life and choices.  What can I change or try differently to perhaps get a different result/experience/or have a new adventure.  Okay I also have to get real. The reality of me-Lesa won't change.  Yes I am a thinker. I am always looking for a challenge as well as an adventure.  I love people, hugs, animals, nature and the natural ways, I love learning about the old ways and natural healing.  I like to make stuff - especially taking old crap and recycling it into something beautiful and useful. I'm lazy too. I don't like the weather too hot or too cold and I have learned to not complain about it.  I hate waiting for other people. I'm rather impatient. -- it's important to know ourselves.

In my P.P.P. class,  we create vision boards. Now they are not always 'boards'. They can be decorations in your personal space or home, a pretty blank book sitting near your favorite chair or bed...the important thing is that you look at your visual reminders and goals many times every day. 

Last summer I taught my P.P.P. class in Cottonwood AZ.  I created a new vision board along with my class...except with all my traveling and changes (van, scamp, van, hiking and tent, van) I have not looked at it much at all. I tucked my pages of collaged magazine pictures in a plastic file folder under my bed.  I just found them again.

and I am sharing....

Monday, June 22, 2015

Simply more fun!

Simply Hunting

Ozzie killed his first pack rat last night. Who was it that told me Yorkies were breed as lap dogs?

Check breed history. Rodent hunters!  Yes sir-ie!

I buried the kill and rewarded with two doggie chicken jerky treats. Why - because rat poison has been in the area and it is known to 'secondary kill' owls and hawks.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Simply Slacking!

Yup you guessed it. I've been slacking - well not really although on the blogging home front I sure feel like I have. Any day I expect a flood of emails asking if I am alive!

I'm writing. It is a blog post. I am alive! Yippie. I know.

I do this off and on. Especially when I am in a state of flux....yet what part of life's plans is not written in jello? Don't we all have days or weeks when we thought we were going to_____(fill in the blank) and something greater than us had a sense of humor as well as other plans!

I had a lovely Latino family (three young kids & a family dog) move into my peaceful hill top campsite a couple weeks ago. After setting up camp by diesel pickup headlights at 9:30 pm, I rather expected bedtime --- errr humour, it was dinner time!

The next morning I woke to a young voice saying Daddy, Daddy drive me to the bathroom! Hurry up Daddy..groggy voices. ..diesel engine (really?) 5:15 am. The threee atvs unloaded the night before not good enough.

Neadless to say I have been living life outside of mainstream thought so long (close to 20 yrs) that I don't understand people living a cultured lifestyle. (Insert head shaking)

I left at 8:30 am. Simply drove away. Past a few grazing 150# wild boar, a turkey, and some beautiful scenery. I joined a friend for morning coffee. Kinda hung out until I felt the directional urge/nudge. Although not sure about anything other than direction I hugged the friend and drove away.  Rain started, then turned into hail as I pulled out onto the highway. My hands automatically engaging the windshield wiper switch - and nothing. NOthing.  Like keep driving or what. .oh yes I thought to myself check the sky for signs...well it is clear in the direction I am driving. Can I be safe? I was safe as the hail returned to rain and then became intermittent and eventually stopped. And so did I. I stopped to use some birthday gift money to fill the gas tank and get a snack. The adventure nudge had been lit! Perhaps by successfully navigating an incredible stress? Whatever Ozzie and I just kept driving.

We stopped in St John's AZ.
Found a city RV Park which allows tent or vehicle camping, has a lovely bathhouse with showers and friendly staff. $10 for the night. Okay.  Lets do laundry. Lets have a Subway Veggie Delight sandwich.
Lets take a walk and a break, we will know what to do in the morning.

We did.
I have a close friend who owns 20 acres near here.
We moved.
Address and all. Legal like. To my friend's land...

Cougars, coyotes, hawks, owls, jack rabbits and all!

30 miles to a town.

In our van - for the time being.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Who's Simply a BIG Hunter!

and who's tired now!

Simply a Morning Hike

Not just a walk...on an actual marked trail!

Ozzie is such a trooper. The hike was not particularly difficult or time consuming.  It was however in a National Forest complete with wild turkeys, yup we saw the momma and babies.  Two days ago in this general area I saw an elk - wow they are large. On this morning's adventure we did see signs of recent bear activity - which reminds me of my need to be even more allert to help protect Ozzie. On some of my former hikes if I saw signs of some serious thing I would talk to God and the universe until my anxiety passed.

It was a great accomplishment and lots of fun crossing the flowing creek with my fur hiking buddy!

Oh and yes it rained quite a lot during the night so Ozzie is kinda damp!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Simply Wednesday Weekly Update - 3 June 2015

Weekly updates really show me how quickly time seems to fly past!

Ms Cheri and I spent last week in the same area of Tonto National Forest as we did the week before. It has been a lovely quiet area in a pine forest. I continued my habit of an early morning fire since there have been no fire bans in place. I did need to be careful on hot and windy days. It is so easy for a fire to flare up and get out of hand. I'm very careful and all has gone well.

I had my first jewelry making class. Yup it's serious fun!

Vantucket had some repairs done in New Mexico last October. A rear axle had become so worn that it was not safe to drive. Hence part of the reasoning behind me selling the Scamp. The axle was repaired with a repair kit. I was so happy to have a driving vehicle again that I soon forgot about how serious a problem it had been. Last month when the brakes locked up and the mechanics could not identify the sticky gunk. ..we cleaned it up and went on with life, careful to pay attention for a repeat performance.  Last week or so,  while running errands I felt the same oddness in the rear brake as I had the day before the brakes locked up the first time.  So  I went to the shop and they could see the problem this time because it wasn't as bad. Unfortunately there was a leak in one of the seals in the repair kit that had been installed in New Mexico. The original estimate was about $200. Well the seal I needed can't be bought with out buying the repair kit. new estimate at $400. Wow! Vantucket wasn't safe to drive so we fixed it and then I returned to camp and sat still.  For quite some time, I felt dazed as if I had become part of a surrealistic painting. You know like clocks were melting around me and stuff.

I entertained many ideas and possible options and decided that it would be best to 'wait with' this situation until I know...

My personal priorities and ethics (I think that is the right term) determined that I no longer incur debt - or I will not meet a goal. So today being payday, I came into town and paid Southwest Transmission and Tire the full amount. I also took my payment to Lori Chandler for Ozzie's classes. I made the decision to end classes for Ozzie right now partly because of my ability to pay for the remaining classes. I felt sad that today was our last class. We will continue to train and communicate with Lori. Other factors in that decision are that it's becoming too hot here and we have been in this area a long time. The police ran my plates the other day while I was in town and I'm so friendly that the rangers know me (if I'd only keep my mouth shut. I gotta be me) and I have been camped in Tonto National Forest for the allowed 14 days. .it's time to leave this Forest and find a cooler location where I can sit still. I will have very little cash available for a while or at least this month which has just begun.

I paid all my bills for this month.
I stocked up at food pantries by asking politely for only items that are useful for me and Ozzie and returning items that I will not use.
I used my change jar money to fill all our water jugs. Some one left two quarters in the machine! Thank you!
I had a couple rubber bungee cords I had bought to use on the roof rack that just disintegrated in a few short weeks - I had the receipt and returned them for cash.
I returned another not so useful item - again for cash.
I used the free dump station at Giant gas station to scrub up the porta potty.
I used the cash from the refunds to buy gasoline and swiped my rewards card - the machine just kept printing coupons! I forgot that this is my birthday month - free coffee or soda and snack coupons good during the whole month of June. Kewl! 
I was treated to dinner. We shared it by meeting up with some good friends. I took a doggie box back to share with Ozzie. Then I walked him and we sat quietly and gently (and calmly yeah) picked seed pod stickers out of his fur.

It's been a busy and productive day. I feel satisfied that I have made good decisions. I also feel good knowing that when the next thing comes along that I will do what is needed - I will remember to use my priorities and ethics as guides.

I know that I have some of the healthiest relationships and support in my community of friends.

Hugs to you all -

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Simply my Mechanics in AZ

Southwest Transmission 214 W Aero Dr, Payson, AZ 85541 (928) 474-8280

Simply MORE Change!

Incredible. Wonderful machines.
My dear Vantucket is a classic van. She is beautiful. She takes very good care of me. We, Vantucket and I have had many conversations. Yes I talk to my van, probably more before Ozzie came to live with us. Classic vehicles can need a bit more maintenance, mostly because they are getting on in age.

A few weeks ago, Vantucket's rear passenger side brake locked up and I had to have her towed to a shop. The wonderful, and now family like, mechanics at Southwest Tire and Auto did their best to figure out what the sticky gunk they found was. They cleaned it well though didn't feel right charging me only for the clean up.  We couldn't repeat the problem.  So off I went..and kept going until this morning. I was driving around town doing errands and felt the odd glitch in that same brake that I had felt just before the brake locked up the first time. ..sooooo I called Mel and had her tell Brian that I was on my way over to the shop.

I'm thankful for my flexible schedule and ability to have my home with me when stuff like this happens.  So Ozzie and I settled in and waited for them to fit us into their busy day.  When they examined Vantucket - well - she needs axel seals! and but of course I agree that it only makes sense to repair both sides at the same time.  (Ouch $200)  I was honest with Brian from the start that my EMFund (emergency fund) was gone with my recent need for eye glasses/contacts and other auto work. I had to admit, embarrasingly, to the fact that I only had $50 in my Credit Union account although my pay day is only a week away. He didn't want me to be stuck with no money and suggested a payment schedule.  We also discussed work scheduling with him needing to get parts as well as my camping plans for the week. He was uncomfortable with me driving back to Bear Flats so he worked out a way to get the parts and will do the job in the morning. I will, of course, take donuts and my initial payment. Next Wednesday, my pay day, I will take him the rest. I feel so grateful for people like Brian who will help me when I truly need it. Of course, because I am grateful, I am sure to keep my part of the bargain.

Unfortunately Ms Cheri and Toni are at the Bear Flats camping area with a few of our things. There is no cell reception, well it is very sketchy in that area and I have no way to get a message out there tonight. I hope she doesn't worry too much tonight. I would be concerned if I were in her place.  Just in case - I sent her both a text message and an email. Even if she started to come to town she would likely get one of the messages and would be able to relax some.

Keep your vehicles happy and healthy with preventative maintenance as much as possible. And feed those EMFunds often! (I need another Scamp project to flip for money <grin>)

   Ozzie and Vantucket!