Sunday, January 25, 2015

Simply Ehrenberg where the wind never quits!

Hi everyone! Ozzie and I have been hanging out in Ehrenberg. I don't even remember how many days we have been here.

The sunrises and sunsets are lovely! In fact I am laying in my bed in the van watching the sunrise now as I write to you using my phone.

Vantucket is better. I took her for a test drive yesterday. I took a new New England traveling buddy along. We went over to Blythe California. My buddy had not been in California yet. It was kewl to see her reaction which was similar to the one that I had three years ago. Reacting to the odd border crossing as well as the change in landscape.  We shared lunch at La Paloma which is a very traditional "soda" or Central American restraunt. Then I showed her the town's important stuff like the Ace hardware store, KMart, Dollar Tree and the fabulous new Smart and Final supermarket. We popped into the Rite Aid for one last item and discovered that they have an ice cream counter inside. So we topped off the trip with an ice cream - I had black cherry. And then we drove back to Ehrenberg AZ.its only 7 miles from Blythe to our camp.

Ehrenberg is wide open desert. The wind can be crazy here. It's not my favorite camp location. Though after the RTR, Bob brings the group out here. There is lots of room to spread out and get distance. There is no patrolling by rangers and no permits required. Essentially you can stay as long as you want. Some camps have been here for years. I recognized a few that have been here over my three years of traveling this area.

Bob asked if I minded him using my firepit area as a central 10 am chit chat meeting location. I of course agreed - people are meeting here all day long anyway. Often my coffee is on and something is cooking. Yesterday I was tired of meals with meat and so breakfast became Apple Crisp for the gang. Actually I am thanking the mechanics and greasing thier generosity wheels by making a few treats and meals. Sharing is fun anyway.

On a personal note - I feel tired and the muscles in my face and back ache.I know that the weather and wind can be exhausting although I can't decide if that's all that I am feeling. ..probably there is some emotional exhaustion as well. I have been very tired of the problems and repairs and financial struggle of keeping my van running well and safely. I don't think that I do well with responsibility anymore.  I am looking forward to a relationship or partner to share lifes ups and downs with.

Ozzie just woke up and wants some attention. Early morning is our cuddle or play time. So I will get back to you all.