Saturday, January 31, 2015

Simply Quiet in Camp

I actually slept in this morning. I think that Ozzie woke me about 7:30 am.

I have been at the Post RTR Campsite in Ehernberg AZ. At times the activity has been overwhelming. Some of the guys left for Slab City and others for Fortuna Pond in Yuma. This morning was VERY quiet.

My fire pit became the central meeting location. Someone decided and announced that people should be here at 10 am each morning!  And in the evenings the fire would be stoaked and some more story sharing would end the day. It got rather busy and occasionally was busy the whole day. I prefer people to come early, even in thier jammies, when I am busy and have a pot of coffee on because we chit chat and by 10 am we all are ready to go get dressed and start the events of the day. Which means that I get a little break. I don't mind at the least if people gather again around 4 pm, with thier drinks in hand and visit and share their updates of the day while I might be making or thinking about making supper. That may turn into a relaxing evening around the fire. Occasionally the meal may turn into a community event which is fine when we all contribute in some way - I love sharing my cooking skills with others!