Thursday, February 26, 2015

Simply a choice built out of Freedom

I was watching a movie
The people were fighting for freedom
The leader asked what they intended to do with their freedom. ..

Thoughtful moments and some rainy day movie therapy with built in yawning (chuckle)...

And my choice to live with as much freedom as I can find led me to a lovely forest setting while I recuperate from all my recent social activities and wait for the current winter storm to pass. I have mixed feelings about not getting any snow! Though the rain has provided us with nice inside days.  Since I am visiting at a friend's cabin there's a lot of good conversation and shared food.

You may wonder how I manage visiting when living out of my van.  The biggest thought that seems to help others understand is that I bring my own bedroom with me. Yes I am sleeping in the van. Of course being rather independent and probably carrying some trust issues in my back pocket,  I try to show up all showered, with clean laundry, and a stocked kitchen pantry.  I also try to take a gift - which at times has been my cooking or cleaning skills. This time I will be gifting the home owner with a set of coffee mugs and snack/breakfast plates that I picked up at a thrift store along my travels. They are rather delicate and won't travel well so I had the fun of finding them and finding them a home.  When hosts offer extras like electricity or use of bathrooms or water...I work hard to be responsible and respectful and only use what I really need and I make a contribution before I leave, a few dollars toward an electric bill when I have been using their hot water heater or electric oven is usually appreciated.

I am looking forward to clear skies and warmer weather when we can get back out in the woods!  Hiking in this area and ares like this just brings me joy. (Of course so do beaches)

Ozzie is getting spoiled by indoor activities too. He's got great inside manners.

Freedom to choose.
Freedom to enjoy a variety of what life offers....

That IS what I am doing with my freedom!

      and Ozzie