Thursday, March 5, 2015

Simply. ...whatthe!

Lol - that's all I can do now. Laugh.
The noises in the night - are chewing and my ferocious companion is hiding!
So I don my untied hiking boots put on a headlamp and brave the dark of night in my pajamas. Trusty can of wasp spray in hand....

Banging, rocking the van, shining the brightest flash light available ensue....spraying the underside of the van with (choke gasp) wasp spray as the culprit is told to move on. ...ya this one really speaks English. ..not.

Yet quiet.

And a quick check for internet advice. ..yes, open the hood varmints don't like spaces out in the open. Well the sound was in the back near the gas tank. couldn't hurt thinks I as I return to the outside world still clad in my lovely armour!

I pull the handle marked hood from under the dash - it doesn't do anything. ..huh
Na....I check the hood. Tight as a drum. Closed. Pull handle again.  Nope. You gotta be kidding me!

And then I hear him again. the engine!

In an effort to appease the varmint a slice of precious home made whole wheat bread is sacrificed at a distance away from the van.

Again silence. ...yet for how long?

I guess they got me until tomorrow.
I've got peppermint oil and I will have to figure out how to open the hood. ...

Just please don't chew anything important!
Noises in the night!