Monday, June 22, 2015

Simply more fun!

Simply Hunting

Ozzie killed his first pack rat last night. Who was it that told me Yorkies were breed as lap dogs?

Check breed history. Rodent hunters!  Yes sir-ie!

I buried the kill and rewarded with two doggie chicken jerky treats. Why - because rat poison has been in the area and it is known to 'secondary kill' owls and hawks.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Simply Slacking!

Yup you guessed it. I've been slacking - well not really although on the blogging home front I sure feel like I have. Any day I expect a flood of emails asking if I am alive!

I'm writing. It is a blog post. I am alive! Yippie. I know.

I do this off and on. Especially when I am in a state of flux....yet what part of life's plans is not written in jello? Don't we all have days or weeks when we thought we were going to_____(fill in the blank) and something greater than us had a sense of humor as well as other plans!

I had a lovely Latino family (three young kids & a family dog) move into my peaceful hill top campsite a couple weeks ago. After setting up camp by diesel pickup headlights at 9:30 pm, I rather expected bedtime --- errr humour, it was dinner time!

The next morning I woke to a young voice saying Daddy, Daddy drive me to the bathroom! Hurry up Daddy..groggy voices. ..diesel engine (really?) 5:15 am. The threee atvs unloaded the night before not good enough.

Neadless to say I have been living life outside of mainstream thought so long (close to 20 yrs) that I don't understand people living a cultured lifestyle. (Insert head shaking)

I left at 8:30 am. Simply drove away. Past a few grazing 150# wild boar, a turkey, and some beautiful scenery. I joined a friend for morning coffee. Kinda hung out until I felt the directional urge/nudge. Although not sure about anything other than direction I hugged the friend and drove away.  Rain started, then turned into hail as I pulled out onto the highway. My hands automatically engaging the windshield wiper switch - and nothing. NOthing.  Like keep driving or what. .oh yes I thought to myself check the sky for signs...well it is clear in the direction I am driving. Can I be safe? I was safe as the hail returned to rain and then became intermittent and eventually stopped. And so did I. I stopped to use some birthday gift money to fill the gas tank and get a snack. The adventure nudge had been lit! Perhaps by successfully navigating an incredible stress? Whatever Ozzie and I just kept driving.

We stopped in St John's AZ.
Found a city RV Park which allows tent or vehicle camping, has a lovely bathhouse with showers and friendly staff. $10 for the night. Okay.  Lets do laundry. Lets have a Subway Veggie Delight sandwich.
Lets take a walk and a break, we will know what to do in the morning.

We did.
I have a close friend who owns 20 acres near here.
We moved.
Address and all. Legal like. To my friend's land...

Cougars, coyotes, hawks, owls, jack rabbits and all!

30 miles to a town.

In our van - for the time being.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Who's Simply a BIG Hunter!

and who's tired now!

Simply a Morning Hike

Not just a walk...on an actual marked trail!

Ozzie is such a trooper. The hike was not particularly difficult or time consuming.  It was however in a National Forest complete with wild turkeys, yup we saw the momma and babies.  Two days ago in this general area I saw an elk - wow they are large. On this morning's adventure we did see signs of recent bear activity - which reminds me of my need to be even more allert to help protect Ozzie. On some of my former hikes if I saw signs of some serious thing I would talk to God and the universe until my anxiety passed.

It was a great accomplishment and lots of fun crossing the flowing creek with my fur hiking buddy!

Oh and yes it rained quite a lot during the night so Ozzie is kinda damp!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Simply Wednesday Weekly Update - 3 June 2015

Weekly updates really show me how quickly time seems to fly past!

Ms Cheri and I spent last week in the same area of Tonto National Forest as we did the week before. It has been a lovely quiet area in a pine forest. I continued my habit of an early morning fire since there have been no fire bans in place. I did need to be careful on hot and windy days. It is so easy for a fire to flare up and get out of hand. I'm very careful and all has gone well.

I had my first jewelry making class. Yup it's serious fun!

Vantucket had some repairs done in New Mexico last October. A rear axle had become so worn that it was not safe to drive. Hence part of the reasoning behind me selling the Scamp. The axle was repaired with a repair kit. I was so happy to have a driving vehicle again that I soon forgot about how serious a problem it had been. Last month when the brakes locked up and the mechanics could not identify the sticky gunk. ..we cleaned it up and went on with life, careful to pay attention for a repeat performance.  Last week or so,  while running errands I felt the same oddness in the rear brake as I had the day before the brakes locked up the first time.  So  I went to the shop and they could see the problem this time because it wasn't as bad. Unfortunately there was a leak in one of the seals in the repair kit that had been installed in New Mexico. The original estimate was about $200. Well the seal I needed can't be bought with out buying the repair kit. new estimate at $400. Wow! Vantucket wasn't safe to drive so we fixed it and then I returned to camp and sat still.  For quite some time, I felt dazed as if I had become part of a surrealistic painting. You know like clocks were melting around me and stuff.

I entertained many ideas and possible options and decided that it would be best to 'wait with' this situation until I know...

My personal priorities and ethics (I think that is the right term) determined that I no longer incur debt - or I will not meet a goal. So today being payday, I came into town and paid Southwest Transmission and Tire the full amount. I also took my payment to Lori Chandler for Ozzie's classes. I made the decision to end classes for Ozzie right now partly because of my ability to pay for the remaining classes. I felt sad that today was our last class. We will continue to train and communicate with Lori. Other factors in that decision are that it's becoming too hot here and we have been in this area a long time. The police ran my plates the other day while I was in town and I'm so friendly that the rangers know me (if I'd only keep my mouth shut. I gotta be me) and I have been camped in Tonto National Forest for the allowed 14 days. .it's time to leave this Forest and find a cooler location where I can sit still. I will have very little cash available for a while or at least this month which has just begun.

I paid all my bills for this month.
I stocked up at food pantries by asking politely for only items that are useful for me and Ozzie and returning items that I will not use.
I used my change jar money to fill all our water jugs. Some one left two quarters in the machine! Thank you!
I had a couple rubber bungee cords I had bought to use on the roof rack that just disintegrated in a few short weeks - I had the receipt and returned them for cash.
I returned another not so useful item - again for cash.
I used the free dump station at Giant gas station to scrub up the porta potty.
I used the cash from the refunds to buy gasoline and swiped my rewards card - the machine just kept printing coupons! I forgot that this is my birthday month - free coffee or soda and snack coupons good during the whole month of June. Kewl! 
I was treated to dinner. We shared it by meeting up with some good friends. I took a doggie box back to share with Ozzie. Then I walked him and we sat quietly and gently (and calmly yeah) picked seed pod stickers out of his fur.

It's been a busy and productive day. I feel satisfied that I have made good decisions. I also feel good knowing that when the next thing comes along that I will do what is needed - I will remember to use my priorities and ethics as guides.

I know that I have some of the healthiest relationships and support in my community of friends.

Hugs to you all -