Thursday, August 13, 2015

I feel as though I Simply have a job!

And I truely don't. ...but I have been very busy lately.  Beats boredom any day!

My lawn chair broke.
I groomed Ozzie. ...who's currently burying his leftovers from supper.
I got my camp kitchen set up. I got an older Coleman Expedition Kitchen for a great deal at a yard sale while traveling.
I washed laundry and cleaned the bathroom tent and porta potty.
And it was Hot today. Hot with no real escape even in the shade.
I cleaned up the rooftop cargo carrier in preparation for a trade I've been discussing.
I finally placed a Cragslist ad for the van.
And I called my Canned Ham advisor guy about the project in my driveway. I have a 1953-59 Kencraft travel trailer.  It's quite a project though it has many good features as well.  I'm not physically working on it yet because I am first working out the title. If it's not really mine I am not investing in it. So I likely have three more weeks before that is done. I'm not 100% certain which way to deal with this Canned Ham. It's possible to simply fix the title and sell it as is to some collector or person looking for a project.  Or I could take my sweet time and turn it into something for myself. At least this time I have a safe place to park it. (You all can vote if you like)

I've also been doing research and preparing to buy a piece of land here in St John's AZ. This all is happening while I am paying down my debt that I incurred while traveling and owning the van in the past Four years. I had lived debt free for many years before that even though it was always a struggle and I did without a lot of things that most people consider normal.

I LOVE my new Honda. Driving it is fun and comfortable. I've done a few things like have the a/c charged and straightening a dent. We've been sleeping in my 'Honda Bedroom' most nights. The larger tent has become storage space, it had been well loved and used and the zippers and tiny holes are not comfortable in our AZ monsoon rains.

I'm planning to take a simple shower before bed tonight. I want the best nights sleep that I can manage.  And it is starting to cool down some finally.

While I was in town the other day working with the DMV, I stopped for coffee at TLC Restaurant.  Tim, the owner and chef, grew up in the same church community as I did - which is both cool and odd. His wife Laurie is lovely and dabbles in essential oils on the side. Its really nice to make new friends who just happen to make the best coffee in town!

I feel like I belong here. Like this space is home.
I'm going to embrace that for as long as the gift of this feeling sticks around. .and to think that I would not have come here if I had not gone to my first RTR!