Monday, August 10, 2015

Wondering what is Simply going on?

This past week I returned from my trip to Colorado. I drove my new to me Honda Passport home and after 7-8 hours I was tired. I had some rest time before starting the errands process. I set up the well loved gift tent which is basically being used as storage because of daily rain with thunderstorm warnings in my area. I also set up my new shower/potty tent! Omgosh I'm so glad to have that it feels rather luxurious!  Then I needed to reconnect my friends solar system (I hate dealing with batteries) which took a couple days till I reconnected while it was dark outside to lower the spark risk. Then my van has been in town because I can not get a ride to pick it up so I visited and picked up some things. Then placed a For Sale sign in a window just to see if there was any interest. ..i recieved two serious calls the next day. I'm waiting for a call back now.

A friend and I went to Pie Town NM for Sunday brunch. Nice to catch up with the friend - the town and trip was a travel yawn and pies looked terrible and small slices for $6 each. Needless to say we didn't eat pie!

I've finally feed the hummingbirds and song birds again here at the property.
Ozzie and I have been enjoying the Honda. While raining we make a bed in the back. I picked up more personal stuff from the van today and so have too much stuff. I've really enjoyed living minimally the past month and wonder why I thought that I needed so much when I was in the van.

I love the change of perspective after returning from a trip.