Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Simply an Update

Ozzie and I are simply living life. Of course at this time of the year seasons are changing and all the animals in our world are getting busy. Ozzie continues to hunt and protect our base campsite. I've had my thoughts pretty much focused on getting us prepared for cooler weather. I have a simply loosely woven plan which includes being in Quartzsite for the RTR in January. And begin available for travel with RTR buddies in February.

We've been dehydrating fruits and vegetables in our solar dryer. When in town we search for metal tins, like christmas popcorn tins for storage because of the animals. I may need to make jelly or apple butter at some point if I keep getting so many apples...I truely cannot wait until I can make a better place for food storage. I've been given a lot of local produce and can't use it fast enough. Plus its a bit difficult with our mobile life to maneuver crocks of sauerkraut and stuff. I need to build a larger solar dehydrator too. My light portable one blew over in the wind the other day. I lost a lot of native heirloom corn that I processed by hand...darn.

We are also making progress with our project travel trailer which will likely stay here onsite this winter. I know that I am being a bit quiet on this. .I feel like I need to keep this to myself for a while. Besides I can't let myself get excited over anything it seems because I don't know what will happen good or bad....and disappointments are very terribly upsetting and painful.
Realistically I believe that we can turn this project into a lovely, simple and comfortable completely off-grid mobile (because it has wheels) tiny home. One of my favorite birds will be my color inspiration for this project. A Chickadee.

Chickadees and wild daisys....nothing is more peaceful and lovely...well clouds and sea shells (chuckle)

Keep it Real as well as Simple
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