Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Finally a Simple Vacation of sorts

No new pics - because I'm currently camera-less!

I was feeling rather tired of the winter process, the cold weather, the intense focus I've been having on the winter trailer project... And being home was lovely, tho I kept waking up to notice, yet again, that --- whatever that isn't finished yet - the fact that I need a second coat of interior paint, or that I'm living with a new plywood subfloor but that I'm still waiting on the tiles to be available at our local Lowe's home store, or a zillion other oops I forgot that screw again kind of projects..... so

I took off with Ozzie for a drive straight down Route 180 into Deming NM.  We visited with some friends at the Low - Hi RV Ranch for a week of much needed rest, relaxation, a couple glasses of wine, a margarita and pizza party and a BIG change of perspective!

I feel so much better :)