Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I'm Simply in the midst of a decision nightmare!

My head hurts. My eyes are blurry. I feel unsettled and it seems that Ozzie's feeling sick.

I learned that the Dome i bought was a great space and so not right for me.
I spent a weekend in a nearby town. Went dancing and walked a lot and really enjoyed living.
I drove a friend of mine to another town for shopping.
Another day took a friend to pick up their new to them truck.
I attended my friend's wedding and stayed out later than normal.
Over the past weeks I've designed and redesigned tiny homes for myself. And just shelved all those ideas.
I've posted the dome for sale.
Sat outside in the windy sunshine and answered phone calls and emails.
A friend's mom died - i will house sit when they go to the service.
I feel like its difficult to advise others on tiny home and nomadic lifestyles when I'm unsure of my own life and home right now. (Yes i sometimes consult on people's trailer or van choices and designs)
Another friend of mine got a new girlfriend! Whoo congrats. He has helped me with many projects before. He's got an 18ft Winnebago project motorhome from the 70s. Its available for sale - add that to the what do i need or want to do list...


I  - well we are going to need to be more protected from bad weather!