Friday, April 14, 2017

I talk about ideas. Alot!

Someone said 'wow you change your mind a lot' well I keep  getting curve balls!

When I bought my land I wasn't really looking for land, so I didn't have much of a plan. Being a landowner is stabilizing to me. I'm still a traveling nomad. I give a lot of myself away when I am traveling because I love people and want to help them be happy and successful. When I need a break I can be so exhausted that I am nearly sick. It takes me about 3 months of doing nothing to recover!

I've been living on a very low income of  $250 a month for nearly 3 years now. I knew that it was possible to finish up that project during 2017.

Then curve ball! When my daughter asked me to come to Virginia for the birth of her second baby I had to say yes and adjust my life. I'm no longer sure if I will complete the bill paying this year or not. It certainly will be close. Knowing that as well as knowing that my Honda is older and with an understanding of the weather on my property, I knew that camping out of the Honda would not be enough protection from the elements. I figured that I needed a loose plan to cover me for two years. Traveling and getting out of debt the first year and saving money for the second year. Then I  could have a more comfortable place, be it an earth handmade house or motorhome or who knows during the third year coming up.  In January I had $1100 saved and had considered either the Playa Dome tent or upgrading my vehicle to a Minivan. My Honda is old though it still is trusty so I opted for the Dome and a cargo basket for the roof of the car. I thought it would allow me to travel and take my home with me and keep my Honda gas mileage. It was a good idea but I don't like the set up and stuff and I didn't feel safe enough to sleep in it. Guess I'm not a tent person!

So I am regrouping, downsizing  (I like living simply and minimally),  and getting my priorities straight. I still have the same goals which are to live without debt and to visit my daughter along with things like staying healthy. I will get rid of anything that doesn't support that or that I haven't touched or used in 6 months to a year. I will save as much money as possible so that when the Honda needs replacing I will be ready. I will have a loose plan for getting out of or avoiding bad weather - that means that I have to pay attention to weather reports (one reason why I upgraded my radio) as I travel. And as I have been feeling uncomfortable lately, i will plan a couple of nights in a hotel as well.

Now my property is great. I  think I would like to be able to come and go from there.  A little comfort and convenience would be great. So I am keeping my eyes open for a travel trailer or something that I can leave there like a cottage or cabin. I'm not too comfortable towing something all over the place. I am comfortable car camping in the Honda so my thoughts lean that way.

Oh and I was taught to think out loud. Something about it being sinful to not be in control of your thinking and parents needing to control their kids...whatever. I do have lots of 💡 ideas and I learned to talk about them.  So you probably hear lots of that. 🙄