Monday, June 19, 2017

Simply bugged and plodding right along

The Cedar Gnats moved in a couple weeks ago.  How crazy annoying. I seem to be more affected by the bites than anyone around me.  Im glad I've had a leftover tube of prescription itch cream. At times I've been covered in sores. Now its even more difficult to watch Ozzie in his new haircut being swarmed by these biting monsters. We found some clove and peppermint spray for pets that helps some, but mostly we stay inside the screening of the trailer. Which can be boring!  These bugs arent out at nite and for about an hour in the morning when it is still cool, so I try to get outside stuff done early. I still swat and scratch and deal with them throughout the day as i come and go from inside trying to make progress on my work.

Im hoping to have the ceiling finished today - plenty of inside work with that. Then the next challenge will be the front window. It needs new butyl tape, which makes it weatherproof  and I am hoping that I can take the whole thing out so I can get the refrigerator casing out of the trailer!  We had to dismantle the refrigerator after I put my thumb through the rusted out gas burner and realized that it was toast. I kinda thought I could then crush the casing to make it fit out the door.  Nope too well made for thats tomorrows project. Then I  think Kathleen is grilling chicken on Sunday.

Yesterday Phoenix left for a couple weeks in Colorado. Hes planning to return to take care of some personal business after that.  Wolf has been repairing his truck and he made me a composting bin! Yes, composting in Arizona is different because it is so dry here. But its not only possible, Wolf has had lots of experience with composting in the I'm learning all that i can.

Oh and my daughter and I, for personal and family reasons, have decided to cancel my trip to Virginia. We will use video chat for the birthing instead. How kewl is technology!