Friday, June 9, 2017

Simply stepping right along!

Daily progress, no matter how small, can help me keep on track with my priorities and head off (well sometimes) anxiety and depression.  Yesterday was a frustrating day. It seemed everything that I touched went wrong. Spilled my coffee, cell phone battery died during a call with my credit union, old paid off credit cards took money from my account - darn...  so I gave up and went to the library. The car rides very different with new shocks,  yeah! I delivered Kathleen's grill to her and she rode in  with me, that was nice and making the delivery took something off the to do list as well as giving me a success for the day!

This morning, fully charged batteries thanks to the library, I tackled my new to me entry steps. So a friend from town brought up a set of what they thought were trashed travel trailer wooden steps. When they took them off the tow trailer, they smashed and the friend was upset. I  messed with them and made them functional. I have been using them nearly two months. I wanted to give them some color to  freshen them up. So a little screw tightening and sanding and a bit of stain - whaala!

But oops I  forgot that I live in Arizona, duh. Dark colos get HOT! (Grin)... so I  added the rug to protect Ozzie's little paws!