Friday, June 30, 2017

Todays Simple project!

Ha ha ... is anything simple in a vintage trailer!

I'm making progress slowly and steadily. Sometimes the availability of another persons help takes precedence and changes the plan for the job at hand. Sometimes I simply have to think about the project before I actually do anything about it. Sometimes its a little step today, check supplies on hand, think some more or darn its to hot lets take a cool shower and read a book and fall asleep!

A few days ago i peeled up the vinyl floor covering a soft spot in the sub floor. This had been underneath one of the dinette benches and under the ceiling messy spot. There had been a swamp cooler on the roof at one time. Probly too heavy for the trailer it had long since been removed. The roof had a dried up glob of silicone that didnt seal. I removed that silicone plug and cleaned and repaired the roof prior to coating. I think we are water tight again, being in my area, and needing to haul my water, I will wait for rain to test it.

Back to the floor... the day I peeled up the vinyl, I felt overwhelmed by what I found. Today I began chipping away at the old poorly done patch. Please when patching, even in tight spaces, get all the bad wood out! Actually get past the damage and take out part of the good if possible.  So I  will plug away at this over a few days, because I still have company who offered to help me with some outside stuff and I have to help with that too. So in my spare time I'm chipping away at the old patch of floor. And imagining a nice beach house kind of wood floor great for doggies and bear feet!

Love this...