Friday, July 28, 2017

When Food is Simply a Friend!

Check out this video if you can....

If you can't,  heres the story. Ozzie is so cute unless hes excited or trying to protect our home. Most dogs are like that. I dont know when it started, but he plays with his food. He's made such good friends with his food, especially his milk bones that he now barks and play hops and waits as if the milk bone would play back. I tried the video function on my tablet to share it with you all.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Simply a Recycled Morning!


I made hot water on my rocket stove made out of a recycled chimenea chimney (say that 3 times fast!) this morning. You see I love to recycle kewl old stuff and make them useful again, besides that I like cheap to free! I got this piece about a month ago and finally got around to working with it. Being stuck at home, the 2 wheel drive Honda won't go everywhere that I would like it to. Its monsoon season and I 've had a few crazy thunderstorms that dropped an incredible amount of water in an hour. The ground can only soak it up so fast, so there are puddles. Some the size of lakes. Normally, given a day or two of sun and some breeze they dry right up - unless it rains again. I have slid in mud and wet puddles with both Vantucket and the Honda bedroom, so I learned to gauge when its more comfortable to drive out my road by the one closest big puddle-err lake! If it has standing water, I just go home and give it time, its way less anxiety producing. So here in am

Along with my coffee,  I  decided to check out what my nomad buddies have been doing. I miss them all terribly and I have had the urge to travel alot. I need to stick with my plan though, so I won't be going anywhere until it gets colder. I hope they will visit me when they are nearby.

Its fabulous to be able to pick up my tablet and login to the internet through my mifi jetpack nearly anytime I wish. Having a complete simple solar system has allowed me this luxury. And thanks to a neighbor who not only was generous but appreciated the help I continue to give others, without his assistance I wouldn't have this. Now its possible that some of you wonder why I didn't keep other solar systems or parts of systems that I had... the answer is that every other set up in my past needed something else, a battery, a charge controller, a whatever...I  simply couldn't afford to complete the set up, it didn't give me any improved functionality or, the kit I tested and sold at RTR was too bulky to live with in the Honda. Each other set up went to help someone else in need, that could either store it, use it or afford to add to it and get it functioning. A couple systems were sold along with the vintage trailers they lived in, waiting for additional parts. And NO this ones not going anywhere! Well, I do want to mount the panel on the roof. This one lives with this trailer, on my property. I may not be able to see or imagine very far into my future, but I have myself on a 5 to 7 year plan with this trailer. It's my place to come and go from for the next few years. I can't sell it, its for me. My car can't tow a trailer this size. And I will likely need a different vehicle in the next couple years and I would like an automatic and maybe 4 wheel drive (can I have that in a vintage pickup or minivan?). I need to save money for that because I want to pay cash for it when the time comes.

Thanks for stopping in again,
Keep it Simple Sweetie, 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Simple Sounds...

Of a morning after a big rain storm... i wish you could experience these sounds yourself. There's a gentle stream sound down the ridge. Water is flowing down there. It almost sounds like frogs along with birds are down there as well. Up here, the sky was red with billowy clouds, i didnt grab the camera quick enough.

Ozzie and I got up at the crack of dawn!

These pictures don't do justice to the moment. The birds are beginning to stir. The hummingbirds were first.

Enjoy your morning!
Lesa & Ozzie

If you can make the picture larger size you might see the hummingbird. 
I'm going to make coffee!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Simple Work Party Update

8 am this past Friday was my Work Party. I was able to purchase enough tposts and one more roll of fencing. Unfortunately the fencing has not yet arrived. We did, however,  install all the posts and had a few leftover.

My neighbor Debbie,  her husband Frank and grandson came as did another neighbor, John. John brought some water for my bulk tank and lots of tools. We made quick work of the fence and two cowboy or Texas gates made with leftover fencing. The gates may change over time as they arent too secure, they will keep a cow out for the time being.

Around 10 am Kathleen came with ice and a cold drink, we took a break for introductions and a drink. It was a hot sweaty morning. Then she tackled removing my old rusted licence plate and taking hinges and bolts off an old gate to save for parts. We finished up about noon. All the posts are set so wiring on the remaining new roll of fencing should be manageable.  That roll of fencing should arrive on Wednesday. I like that so many products can be bought online and delivered nearly anywhere these days. Technology has some benefits.

As John was saying his goodbyes,  I got a phone call from Ken who is an RTR and Wintercount buddy from Phoenix. He didn't have complete directions and was 3 miles away. Since Ken is on his way to Moab and other locations north of here, he decided to stay a few days. Hes been enjoying walking around barefoot and piddling (ha, some was more like work) with projects that I was needing a hand with. We finished patching the subfloor and even moved a dead tree that was very close to the trailer. With all the water on site i have been able to offer solar heated showers, which is nice. We've burned a little trash, killed a few rats in a trap made of a bucket of water and burried them.

Ozzie seems very happy and more settled in the fenced area. He even picked up a tenis ball that has been laying around and played alone with it for quite a while.

I think we will enjoy the changes...

And then the AZ Monsoons started! A gentle rain on Saturday afternoon then again, late Sunday with lightening in the distance and Monday afternoon a good soaking downpour. I got to test the trailer for leaks.  Ive got two things to fix, my roof vent needs weatherstripping and dripped some. But darn there is the roof vent for the refrigerator that i was planning to remove some day...its leaking and running into the wall so that quickly becomes a higher priority! And think about how many other people who live in trailers have leaks behind things and dont even know it!

I  will be in town a couple days, got stuff to take to Pancho at the junk yard and I need to stop in and help out scrapper Mike. I need to stock pile more food in case I cant drive out a few days during rainy season. My Honda is not 4 wheel drive. I also have a goal to get Kathleen a water storage tank over at her place, (of course its not DP - DrPepper) it can be difficult adjusting to the Monsoons for many people. I had a few days with very little usable water my first year

Path to a gate with a view!

This is where the patio will be next year. I want to pave it with this kind of blocks tho cant afford it yet. 
Soon I  will build my brick oven and outdoor kitchen where the grill is sitting now.

My bulk water tank and work area... shovels, wheelbarrow (thanks SB) ... and front tongue of trailer. The fence isnt finished behind the trees.

Well, thats all for now, tnanks for visiting and
Keep it Simple Sweetie