Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Recently a group of us redecorated my van. Shes way more comfortable, easier to clean and brighter!  I took these pictures just after loading up for a water jug and pump sits in the passenger seat foot well.  The tiny bread pan sink hangs on a side door and drains into a gray water bladder hidden below.

Donna even made me a Vantucket sign.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Slab City....kinda kewl

Yuma has gone to the dogs

My friend Busdriver Dave was telling me about his friends visit with him while he has been in Yuma.  The brought a tiny dog and often wanted to go running around town. Of course since its getting warmer now, okay hot during the daytime, they were concerned about leaving thier lovable pooch in the camper, a van or in the car while they were shopping or having dinner...what to do?   Good ole Dave found The Wagon Wheel they will take care of poochie for a couple hours, a day or two or longer if neccesary. What a great I told him I would share the info with you all.

Friday, February 21, 2014

8E Laundry

Theres nothing as wonderful as sleeping in freshly washed clean sheets and bedding.  What a treat - or luxury to gift ourselves. Especially after the 'funk' of being sick with a nasty cold.  Wanting to rid my teeny home of germs as well...and being in Yuma...I went down to The Nicest Laundry Mat in the US.  and Im not the only one who thinks so ask truckers and full time rvers. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wow Salvation Mountain

Simply incredible what folkks can do in the desert....
todays travels were relatively uneventful...well except a coughing spell while driving past a cattle yard.
Less than two hours drive from the pond another adventure awaits

Friday, February 14, 2014

Wednesday is Girlie Day!

At least for has been for years.  Oh yeah, sometimes I forget though I remember and pick it up again.  I think I started this tradition when I was working long hours and feeling neglected by my former boyfriend.  I wanted to be pampered and to feel sexy and feminine instead of always taking care of others.  I remembered about loving yourself first and started to set aside 'hump day', as Wednesday is loving called in the world of work, as the night to pamper myself. Long soaks in the bath by candlelight with jazz playing and maybe a glass of wine or sparling cider depending on the year.  Sometimes manicures or pedicures, or deep conditioning my hair....or an extra walk to a special place.

Anyway, its still a good idea and i still remember to do something special for me on in my Van, and on my budget...i cant soak in a hot tub of water so I do have to be creative.   Recently it occured to me that I was missing being touched (ya I know).  I dont think that things like massages are in my price range so I let the thought go and carried on.  I spent extra time with some good lotion last week and gave myself a good leg massage.  But you know it just wasnt enough.  Now many women go to beauty parlors and get something done and have some girl interaction but with my hair....theres just so much of it and its expensive. My hair grows fast too so I couldnt afford to keep it short and run in for a trim every three weeks.  Then almost by magic the thought came to me to ask the price of having my hair shampooed....and omgosh its like cheap! for under $5 someone will pay attention to me, wash my hair with warm water, shampoo and conditioner of my choice and then brush it out! Kewl...okay so I might have a new addiction... :)

Larangytus and Rattlers!

Well my heart,and the rest of me, just stopped.  I saw my first, in the wild, rattlesnake....and he or she who knows was about 5 feet long.  I tried to yell BIG SNAKE... but I have larangytus! Go figure! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

K.I.S.Sabbath Inspiration

My good friend Christopher Gorton shared this on Google Plus last week.  Although I havent been able to listen to the song due to poor wifi signals, I like the lyrics.  I hope you have a safe and restfilled day today as you end your week.  I certainly intend to.

The picture is of the songs author


Friday, February 7, 2014

Simply Taking Care of Business...

Yesterday, I awoke feeling rested enough from my cold to take care of some unfinished business.  A good meditative drive (to me thats one without the radio playing) was in order, so I informed my travel buddies and Hit the Road Jack...

Business taken care of  in Lake Havasu City and an extra errand finalized, I slowed to a stop at a traffic light and though holding the brake pedal down normally, it began to sink toward the floor...weird I thought and looked around to see an auto garage nearby.  Safety being of the utmost importance, I drove in and asked if they had time to check Vantucket's braking system out.  After an extensive check and test drives the shop couldnt reproduce the event and sent me on my way with the advice that though nothing is really wrong, its possible that my master cylinder is starting to wear out.  I will be keeping a watch for that as I save up to have that job done asap.

Time really flew by after the repair shop visit and nightfall was begining so I began the drive back to Yuma. I recalled a friend had been boondocking near The Steps and I was close by, so Im wondering about paying a visit and it started to rain!  So I pulled in and had a nice visit,  then spent a restless almost sleepless night parked nearby. 

I pulled out early this morning, made a quick stop in Erenbergh.  I was back in Yuma just after noon with a long To Do List...I got it all in with the exception of washing Vantucket...shes dirty! 


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Simply Sunset

Tonight at Fortuna Pond, I walked and enjoyed both my neighbors and the sunset.... Im kinda surprised how nice a picture my tiny old android phone takes...


PS  oh, I nearly forgot, I feel better too!  Thanks to egg drop soup and friends.

Simply kewl and available

Omgosh....I nearly bought this camper recently.  I fell in love with this syle when I first learned of them a year ago.... you can stand up in it. You can tow it with ANYthing. It has a living area - banquette, an indoor outdoor 3 burner stove, a sink, a porta potty cabnet....a KING sized bed.

And i just turned it down....omgosh

So its a Starcraft Meteor pop up and let your eyes be not has only one bed so it has a great banquette w windows. Its light weight and easy to tow. Its easy to put up with a crank handle and only one side to fold out...I have to say its a thing of cuteness ....

If anyone in my Simply, Lesa-land IS interested. Please send me a message and i will put you in touch with the guy who has it.  I understand it has a working fridge n small appliances too....i guess hes upgrading.

Surviving Illness as a full-timer!

So I've been in bed with a cold for two days now.  This morning, though, I feel better. Sitting up and playing on the internet with the windows open to the view of Fortuna Pond.  I can see the ducks (or coots) swimming along, fish jumping some early fisherman working on the catch for dinner.  Our resident stork visits each morning and is a wonder to watch as he kind of lumbers along on those long legs...  This location is wonderful for many reasons, and its not so wonderful some days or sometimes.  First, it is a beautiful pond, very close to the town of Yuma, Arizona. Shopping is handy with a full Mall, Thrift stores, and 3 (yes three) WalMarts.  In the foothills there is more shopping with a Fry's and a new 99cent Only, a grocery discount store and many 5gal for 50 cents water stands.  Fortuna Pond, though not really well known, is small location on BLM land and has a 14 day stay limit.  Occasionally the location is FULL with big rigs and generators, especially when the Big Tent in Quartzsite closes and the Exodus of snowbird RVers heads out.  Then they slowly trickle away and the more normal hand full of RVers or avid fisherpeople stick around.  Occasionally I have witnessed an unfortunate couple or two camped just outside the ponds camping area for longer periods of time.  I have had experiences with people less fortunate and am inclined to make new friends, listen to stories and share as possible remembering that "but for the grace of God, there go I"  I have heard others decide to never camp here because they saw one of these camps one time.  Make your choice.  This visit there is a local couple here with a tent and a car.  They are getting along well and expecting to be moving on up to a travel trailer in a couple of weeks.  They are friendly and of no concern.

I did hear one generator last night although it was colder.  I guess I've learned to sleep through the sound mostly because it didn't wake me up. Its incredible what we can get used to living in our tiny homes. 

I realize  I am a fairly outgoing person and I make friends pretty easily.  I tend to say 'Hi' when I pass people and if I feel it appropriate I will strike up a conversation.  Fortuna Pond is a comfortable and safe enough location that I often walk many times a day.  My first afternoon here I did that and met up with 3 different couples I met here last year - thats fun!  I also met a few new people and I have a couple people that camp and travel near me right now.  So I am not ALONE. 

Which is very nice when you get sick because plan as you may -- you always are missing something when you get sick. Or you run out of something. Its so nice to have someone stop by and knock on the door and check to see if you are better or simply to ask if you need something.  Yesterday a travel buddy was out running errands and brought me back a container of Egg Drop Soup!   In the case of my current cold that was perfect!  Another neighbor shared Vitamin C tablets with me.  I have gone through more rolls of TP using it as kleenex so that will need resupplying.   I am pretty sure I'm on the upswing of this cold now.... so porta potty to dump (na its not that bad after a year - in the beginning ya it was a gross learning curve) and some straighening up to do. 

Oh yeah and  more blog posts to write because you all haven't met Vantucket yet!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Simply Interesting - survival in the city

Saturday, February 1, 2014

What a difference a day makes - or a table!

I recently had help to redecorate and improve my Tiny Home on wheels...(soon I will show you)  and as odd as it might seem, I had been feeling as though my everyday needs were not met.  It was difficult to identify what was off, because, honestly my home is beautiful, neat, basically clean (okay, depending on the day or the clutter of the moment) but geez what did I have to complain about?  I have a nice bedroom, now with solar on the roof, I have basically unlimited power to keep the cell phone and tablet charged, to run a 12 volt light at night or in the wee early morning hours.  I have lovely picture windows with shades to open and watch a lovely sunrize while lounging in my pajamas.... What was the problem?  and what do I do to find the answer?  So as I've done for years - I just prayed about it - give the problem up and then patiently wait for the answer.  Of course I daily added to those prayers with new understanding as I give it up again each day until solutions just appear.  Recently, I even have been toying with the idea of selling my van to find another option - of course, my prayers are always ended with the "of course, only you the All that is All, know what is best for your creation, including simply ole me - please help me to see your decisions more the way that you do, to live happily with the best for the All and not only for myself.  You choose what is best and show me in a way that I cannot miss, a way that I will know is only from you what is the best answer. And I thank you already for your guidence and your best solution!"  


So, yesterday, I went into town with a friend to do laundry and shop at Dollar Tree.  While chit chatting, we decided to visit the Discount Grocery and a few Thrift Stores as well... We were kind of looking for a 1 cup Mellita coffee filter holder.... We found a 10 cup one instead - and - and ---- I got a table!


So this morning, I awoke early - turned on the solar powered light, checked the drive battery on the van, determined its voltage appropriate and turned on the radio with the surround sound speakers in the back on, opened the east facing shade and made coffee with the boiling hot water I stored in my trusty (yes vintage/old glass lined) thermos and enjoyed not only breakfast (rice cake, banana and avocado) but blogging to your all at my new table - all dressed appropriately in my jamies!  I feel more and more normally human! (whatever that is)  

Simply Recipes - K.I.S.S. Dehydrating

Recently, I was asked how I dehydrate my fruits, veggies and raw-style crackers and pizza crusts.  I was a raw foodist for a few years and learned many tricks.  Due to some other health issues developing after 3 1/2 years on that diet, getting hypothermia on a wet 40 degree F night on a hillside village in Costa Rica, learning about my major and multiple food allergies and intolerances that result in asthma attacks, as well as a nasty bout of IBS (chrones disease runs in my family - my daughter has it - yuk).  I am no longer 99-100% raw.  I do eat very close to nature - and aim at very healthy food choices including wild foods, fresh picked and carefully prepared fruits and veggies as often as I can get them.  I often eat more of a vegan diet although I have been known to eat both meat and eggs on occasion.  To heal up the nastiest of IBS symptoms I reverted to a diet of lamb and bone broths, rice, bananas with chia seeds and apple sauce.  Now that I can handle a bit more fiber again I'm back to dehydrating raw crackers, and  tortillas or pizza crusts. And yes, I dehydrate them right on the dash of my van! 

The latest crackers were simply grated carrots and zucchini with a small amount of sunflower and pumpkin seeds (for texture) mixed with flax seed meal (grind your own is best - if you can't buy it, it's inexpensive), some spices and mixed with water until at a dough like consistancy.  Spread this thinly onto a dark colored plate, or a pie tin or what ever - white even works, just the darker the color the less time you let it dehydrate.  If you spead it thicker you make tortillas or pizza crust. Set it in the warm sunny windshield and check it every once in a while, when the edges curl you can gently peel it off the plate and turn it over to dehydrate the other side.  Now if you are in a windy or cooler area - simply put your silver reflective sun shade in the window, behind the plates - sandwich the plates between the glass and the sun shade - and you will be able to achieve the same results.  I find that crackers need to be thinner and sometimes need 2 days of dehydrating to be crunchy.

Experiment - have fun - if a batch doesn't turn out great let it be a learning experience - this kind of food is inexpensive enough to make a few mistakes as you learn - and its just veggies so keep experimenting. 

Simply Ideas - Vardo Gypsy kewlness