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Fwd: Blogging on the go!

Well I am finally getting caught up on my to do list! I have been learning how to operate my new cellphone. On the list was to find an easier way to blog using my phone. This morning I think that I finally got this is the official test post

Scribbling and Doodles...huh?

I find it is so much easier to make a decision when I have more information... of course a lot of the information most of us need in life is information about ourselves.  You know stuff like what we really want, where we really want to go, or who we really want to be this time, this week or today.... once we have that information we can make better fitting decisions more quickly because we know what we want.  Try negotiating without knowing - guess who wins --- yup the other guy! I happen to love pens and paper, especially unlined thick or handmade paper and good dark black pens or sharpies... call me wierd if you like, I just happen to like them.  The swirl of a pen stroke on paper is exciting.   When I find myself in those times of indecision, I just mark up paper like its going out of style.  I write lots of stuff down, ideas, little sketches, doodles and the like and rambling thoughts...I keep at it until I am finished.  Yes, there comes a time when I just feel done.  Then I wait


A long time ago, during a life transition, I was staying in a challenging household situation.  I began walking an hour every single morning, rain or shine in order to make this situation work for me, because changing the situation was not immediately possible.  After perhaps 6 months of walking in the dark, the cold and even the rain a car stopped, the window rolled down and the woman inside spoke to me.  She told me that she had been watching me every morning for those 6 months and that she thought I was a very courageous person.  The encouragement of her viewpoint kept me going another 6 or 8 months longer.  I looked up the word courage in the dictionary.Websters defines courage as:  mental or moral strength to  venture , persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.   At that time, I did not consider myself very courageous.  I had just left my exhusband which resulted in my loosing contact with my 2 young children.  I felt beat down and exhausted from emotional stress at th

Summer in the city...

So I tried to type a blog post with my newer Android phone a few days ago, typed it twice and lost it twice.... I gave up.  Sorry to disappoint you. So I came to Granada, Nicaragua a couple weeks ago.  I wanted to explore Nicaragua again as a possible place to set up residency because I live and travel on a limited budget from the United States.  I am disabled though it is not physically obvious.  I found a hostel that has a month long package deal for a private room, 2 meals a day and spanish lessons 5 days a week.  My adult son wanted to tag along, so we bought the package and traveled by bus from the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica to Granada.  Not a bad trip, with comfortable air conditioned buses, movies and dinner and the driver helps with the passport process at the border crossing. I had been to Granada 3 times before and remember liking it alright.  IT IS HOT here! OMGosh HOT! and there are sooooo many more tourists than I remember. My son had only traveled in Costa