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New Klean Air Kampsite...

A small group of us got a jump on the RTR campsites and are setting up a Klean Air site mostly for health reasons (some breathing n athsma related).  We are asking others to respect our no smoking, gentle use of campfire, and please leash dogs one of our friends has severe allergies. I happen to be fairly social and love cooking on a small fire so my van is kind of the wind break for our sitting or gathering area.  You will see our "entrance" of sorts by the solar lighted palm tree... The first weekend of the month, Saturday the 6th of Jan., as is my habit, I will put on big pot of coffee to share.  Feel free to join me and bring some breakfast item if you feel so inclined.  I dont usually know what breakfast will be until it happens - last month we had a kind of overly toasted (sorry folks) cobbler. The pictures that follow are the great view and starter campsite

Personal Traditions - Wednesday Girlie Time

Years ago, while recovering from a nervous breakdown and re-building my lifestyle, I was challenged with the idea of traditions.  Having been raised in the Worldwide Church of God, our view of holidays was rather different from mainstream religons.  As I worked with the subject of traditions, I realized that the holidays of Thanksgiving and Sader dinner (NTBMO to those in the WWCG) were most important to me and I continue to celebrate those in a thoughtful way, even if alone.  After that I realized that traditionscould be many different things, some people have birthday traditions or family vacation traditions so I began developing my own Personal Traditions that I would like to share with my children and I made up my First Weekend per month dinner or breakfast that I would make special and share with others (even by phone or skype); and my Girlie Time on Wednesday..... What is Girlie Time you may ask...a time for women or girls to share pampering in lighthearted, play

Van Tea Party

Its raining so much we just had to come kewl!

Arizona Winds of Change!

I have so much to catch you up on here on the blog. its amazing how much can happen in 1 week. One short week ago I arrived in Quartzsite Arizona and met Bob and the other RTR campers. I had driven 1250ish miles in 3 days and 2 nites. After hardly driving for a number of years and getting through a very slim financial month of November. I was surprisingly comfortable with the van and even slept well my two nites in Walmart parking lots along the journey. I think I am adjusting pretty well, I have never been in the desert before. My skin gets dried out, and everything and I mean everything is dirty. On Monday myself, Bob and "crew" moved about 20 miles to Ehrenberg, AZ only a few miles from Blythe, CA. I dont prefer it here as it is more barren and more wide open. It has been windy, especially today as we wonder if the 40-60 percent chance of rain will affect us. There is a lot of dust blowing around. I am attaching as many photos of my last few weeks...Quartzsite,