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Quick blogging!

I didn't forget about you readers out there...and I sure don't want you to forget about me.... I've been kind of busy with traveling to Arkansas and catching up with both EMT-Sarah and my son.  It's been raining here and with that cold wet damp and spring -- think of my asthma and allergies! Omgosh I sound like a seal when I cough.  I actually have taken Benedryl (yuk chemical meds :( )  The cashier at the grocery today mentioned I should try out Nettles and order them through Amazon. I will look into the idea. I will blog more this week and include some of those travel pictures of the van in New Mexico and stuff.  I do like to drive.  Driving can be a kind of busy meditation...  more of that sooon. Keep it Simple!

Simply Food and Health...

So I think its about time for me to comment on food and health.  Any of you who really know me, know I prefer natural, rustic, handmade, even most things, including health and food.  For 4 years of my life I was a raw vegan, I was a vegetarian for nearly 8 years.  I also have health issues that affect my choices.  My asthma, for example, is exasperated by excersize, cold temperatures, food allergies and evironmental allergies and sensitivities.  I studied and dabbled in natural hygene. herbal cures, tribal & native medicine and other alterative cures.  I especially like medicine plants that are wild and foraged.  And yes Ive dabbled with foraging as well. And, yes, I love to prepare food - especially for others to enjoy.  My favorite preparation methods are using minimal ingredients and simple preparation....often the best food is the way it comes straight from nature.  Then add some loving thoughts and handle with caring hands and whala! Food is a social mix

What a difference a day makes..or a few short miles

Its incredible how I can spend days hanging around a nice little town like Payson, AZ putzing with errands and steath camping at Casinos, Walmarts and Home Depots.  Then a 'camp buddy' suggests a retreat a few miles south because of cold, windy stormy weather and low and behold..... its wow incredibly beautiful and warmer and       only 10 miles from town..... Yesterday, in the morning our buddy EMT-Sarah said her "see ya laters" and headed north toward home.  The rest of us caravaned comfortably to our new south of Payson location around Rye, AZ. Driving in the mountains has been challenging for me personally for a number of reasons.  One being after my nervous breakdown that resulted in my becoming disabled, I have experienced hypersensitivity.  it often shows up in unexpected areas of my life when i do something both stressfull and physically challenging.  For example, I dont recall being afraid of heights, yet while hiking on the Appalacian Trail not too lon