AZ Winter Update

  Well - how about a day late Weekly Wednesday Update on Facebook! - It's about 830 am on Thursday. I woke up a little later than usual - Wendy tucked into bed closer to me during the night mostly because of the cool inside temperature. I have had my coffee and breakfast cuddled up close to the woodstove. Vehicles: Chevy Tracker Travels will continue in some form - after Boss Custom in Nevada finishes the 1st Gen 98 Tracker engine rebuild and some restoration. The Blue 2nd Gen Tracker is pretty healthy now that we - both Boss Custom and Stan's Auto( Stan Vial & the mechanics including Jeremy Portz ) - have done some work on it. It certainly handles the muddy dirt roads in Apache County Arizona well. I'm glad I made the decision to buy and use this little truck to get home. Being stuck alone at the cabin without a vehicle is very difficult and this was actually cost effective. Home & cabin: I do believe that I have solved the animals under the cabin issue. Sur

Stranded with bad engine! July 28 2023

I just posted this message on social media: Good Friday July 28 Morning!  I need to ask for help.  I have been stranded in the Nevada heat for over a month. My engine blew and needs replaced.  Helpful donations can be sent using   CashApp - $simplylesa More detailed information on and in  @SimplyLesa ​ YouTube videos as well as in my Keep Living Simply Facebook Group. ~~~~~~~~ MORE! For those of you who are readers, let's give you a little more information so it's hot I'm camping with the Chevy Tracker at the home of the mechanic that is behind his auto repair shop.  As you might imagine this is a challenging situation because I'm at the mercy of other people and deliveries and there's a lot of unknowns in this situation. Some of you are aware that I do have a monthly income that is SSDI and at this current moment is $1,000 per month. I have monthly expenses that include car insurance

Weekly Update - CCT & Simply Me

 Good morning my friends! I am focused on today. Only today.  It's odd how your past and your future as well, doesn't matter much when you are going through some life changes!  I wonder, is the fact that my engine is toast in my current vehicle, my Chevy Tracker. I am camping, in the now engine-less Tracker at the mechanic shop. I have been for 10 days now. I'm not used to the bugs, weeds and hot temperatures of rural central Nevada.  I do wait for that inner guidance and inspiration even more daily now as the situation is basically out of my control. I am not fond of situations that are outside of my control. I have had plenty of situations outside my control throughout my life.  My Chevy Tracker turned vintage (25 years old) this year.  ... I started this post a couple weeks ago Let's write a do over shall we! Watch for that coming up in a couple days 😜

Wednesday Weekly update Blog - What's Next! After Overland Expo West 2023!

Good beautiful morning y'all! Candy Shenan (@chicksdoit2) and I hosted the final Community Conversation at one of the Bivys (shade/water / and phone charging station) at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff on Sunday afternoon. At that moment in time I didn't know where I was going next.. and yet here I am!  I often say that plans in world travel, overland and nomadic lifestyles are written in jello! They are ever changing! I spent the extra night that instructors, diyers and presenters of the event are offered and moved over to camp with the "stragglers". That last night is often a get together and hangout together of the Overland Expo "Family" - people who have been coming and traveling for years. At times, often depending on the weather, it can be a stress relief from days of a people-y event and sometimes a little bit of an after party. Often we discuss where we will spend the next few days or what direction we will be traveling forward. Sometimes

Wednesday Weekly Blog 26 April

It's Wednesday again! Sometimes time flies so quickly. I have spent this past week cleaning, thinking, sorting, working with the photos and videos I took in Baja and even further simplifying my own life.  Being back at the cabin there are a few chores to do and after a nice long winter away there are changes in my perspective.  I am no longer the person I was when I was here the last time.  You see I embrace the simplifying process that all of us as humans go through it's a reprioritation, a newfound perspective of who we are being in this moment as opposed to who we were in our past. Even at times the past of yesterday!  Think about  that for a minute.  -  I've changed I've grown I've explored, I explored who I am in the greater world again I've explored who I am in relationship to other people again something that I had avoided for many years I had practiced very well being alone and it was time to let that go.  Coming back and walking the property

Wednesday Weekly Simple Living Blog

I am sitting down later in the day today, Wednesday April 19th, 2023 to write and then post for my blog this week. It is warm inside the cabin here on my property. The wind has been blowing rather hard today, I believe the weather reports predicted 50 mph winds which are pretty likely the speeds. A few things have blown over in the yard - not many as I keep even my yard fairly simple - sure there are decorations like large conch shells and some cinder block edging, a beach sand pail with old shells, a few solar lights and lanterns hang in the juniper trees along with a brass bird feeder, a little hummingbird feeder which happens to be new, a bird waterer....  The wind was cool, so I started a fire earlier to warm a kettle of water as well as the cabin. I love the feeling of a cabin heated by a woodstove. It seems cozier than other forms of heat. I had lunch today with my dear old friend “Skippedoodle69” - he has recently started a YouTube channel as he is preparing to Phillipine Movin!

Sunday Simply Live over on YouTube!

 Please come join me and the Keep Living Simply Gang over on YouTube this very morning Sunday at 9:30 am Arizona Time (please adjust the timing for where you are in the world) click on the link below for  Simply Live