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Life Challenges and Adventures!

I have had quite an interesting couple weeks recently with the 'visit' of my land-owner friend, a US Social Security glitch and a border hop.  I survived it all and am begining to process the reality as opposed to the survival mode I've been living in while getting through all this. I find it totally amazing that I have so many good friends!  I have had wonderful support, a place to stay with privacy and freedom which also included the sharing of meals when I wanted.  I've had 2 offers of marriage to solve the border hop issues! (okay that is truely flattering).  Another friend invited me to join him at his rather fancy restaraunt for a brownie yesterday - which by the way was a killer chocolate love fix - the friendship, conversation and chocolate with raspberries definately changed my mood from the low grade sad - 'I can't think what to think'.  I have been able to breathe more deeply and am begining to process 'next step' ideas throughout the ni

New Beginings!

Hi all, This morning I decided that it's time for me to start a here goes. I've been journaling for years, a rather private event, at some times it has been a daily event and at other times less seldom.  My profile information is a short description of the basic life goals I've been living since 2002 or 2003.  These life goals have helped to create quite an adventure of a life. Today, I am enjoying a cup of black coffee as I sit at a glass topped table in front of the Bamboo Hostel in David, Panama.  The morning is progressing well, I did some email catch up because I've been traveling and off line quite a bit the past few days.  I also made one phone call to my ex-partner John Zachary, who has been going through a lot of life changes recently. It feels so good to be traveling alone right now.  I enjoy company and travel mates and I need a lot of space, mental and physical in order to stay grounded and healthy.  I wonder why some of us humans need mor