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Travels for Thanksgiving!

December 3, 2010 at 3:27pm Hi all - I got home fine.  Late.  Very late.  The plane in FFL (florida) had mechanical problems that took over 5 hours to repair.  We finally took off and I slept most of the trip to SJO (Costa Rica).  I was woken by the bumpy weather as we neared SJO.  Then the bumpy landing.  When I got off the plane the pilot was walking with me down the ramp and told me that we nearly didn't make it!  Weather and more mechanical problems.  He was hoping they would not make them fly back that night.  I later found out that they did not have to go. So I had to spend one nite in my favorite hostel in SJO -- Casa Ridgeway -- because I missed the buses to San Isidro de General (Perez Zeledon) for that day.  Wednesday morning I made my way to Musoc Bus for the ride to San Isidro, arrived just in time to catch the Bus for Angastora/San Agustin/Ciebo.  Unfortunately after the bus left I learned that the road from Angastora to Rivera (a town before San Agustin) w