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Simply Busy and away!

Hi All! Long time no blog! Well - so much has been going on and I've not felt much like writing lately. AND I've been away from the internet... I got my Free to low income people phone.  I chose to go with the Safelink company which gives me a few months of double minutes and UNLIMITED text messaging.  My phone seems to be working fine.  It is NOT a smart phone - so no pictures, no email, and old school text typing on a basic Huawei phone.  I'm pretty happy with it so far. I had to get a new phone number so I did loose contact with a few people who had the old number.  If you are trying to reach me, you can use the blogger contact page to send me an email and give me a number to reach you at.  Texting works pretty well although they are shorter than I used to type because of the format on this phone.  Ozzie update:  well, I thought that he had lost his voice in his accident.  Darn, he didn't (just kidding).  I find it kind of incredible that he seems to be fine.