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Simply rainy days and .... camping!

Its NOT my first camping in the rain! or blogging while living Off-grid!
I nearly lost Ozzie yesterday.  Wow - Grieving and re-grieving! what a day. We spent some time hunting for an Emergency Vet - being Off-Line, darn, no more YellowPages books!  How the heck do I find things quickly in an Emergency when I don't have "smart" electronics? 411 - well it kinda works, but those AutoBot things mistranslate me soooo much it is very annoying! We finally found the off-duty vet in Blythe CA.  He was wonderful - he took blood and tested it.  You see Ozzie had a seizure while at the dog park yesterday morning - when I wrapped him in a towel and put him in the car, I was not sure he would survive.  He did. Eventually barking his Yorkie bark at another dog. Then he ate some dog food and drank some water - soooo we visited the vet. He couldn't find the heart issue that the other vet thought was there and nothing else seems to be wrong.  He has Epilepsy! evidently the weird mouth/tongue thing he has been doing the last couple weeks may have been mini

SIMPLY 2017 RTR and some wandering thoughts!

Hi friends! It has been a long time since I posted.  I was hoping to start blogging with internet service and a new tablet around the first of January 2017.  Well, for some unknown reason - Mobile Solutions never filled my order and I have begun the refund process through Amazon's Payment services department. I left home for some winter traveling earlier than I wanted to.  I decided to give a newbie traveler my assistance early.  Because of that I traveled across I40 through Winslow, Flagstaff and Kingman AZ spending a few days in each town.  I eventually ended up in Lake Havasu City AZ and after bumping into an old RTR buddy in WalMart attended Jamie from Enigmatic Nomadics van build party event. A fellow vandweller acquaintance - Jay - passed away during that time and I helped his Significant Other with the amazingly confusing and messy details before sending her along her way back north to family members. I seem to only get a couple days rest and relaxation at a time - I