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January Simple Ramblings!

Hi all! January is nearly over! Where I have been: I stayed home on my property in Witch Well, Arizona this winter.  What I am reading: using my Kindle app on my Samsung tablet, I am reading both Safe People by Henry Cloud & John Townsend and Changes That Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud. I also read my Bible most every day. What I am thinking about: I am thinking about how I relate to other people - or don't relate. I am also pondering the idea of independence vs isolation. I also, am thinking about traveling. I do miss both the experience and my friends on the road.  What am I cooking: I am focusing on portion control and cooking for one. I have been enjoying Dandy Blend as my morning hot drink, I recently gave up caffeine. Jason's  oops that's Jarrow's Spicy Ramen flavor Bone Broth is another new favorite afternoon drink, sometimes I add tumeric it should be good for helping repair my back. Projects that I have finished: my water station. A trailer hitch was installed on