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$75,000 earings

So I woke up thinking about a television program I had seen, maybe last week.  The woman, was crying over having 'lost' - momentarily - a $75,000 earing!  She 'lost' this when her boyfriend playfully tossed her off a dock into beautiful blue green tropical Bali (I think it was) ocean water ---- say what! Geez.  Do people really have earings that cost more than most people have ever made in a year of hard work?  How many people actually have this kind of life? I also got turned down for Food Stamps - now my only income is Social Security Disability or SSDI.... ? again go figure!  The form letter basically said that I am not a migrant worker and that I have over $150 in monthly income?  Incredible.  Well - after a phone call, I was actually only turned down for Emergency Food Stamps and that would be correct, because I am not in Emergency Crisis status today. I also, yesterday saw news online and the stories about people protesting Wall Street and the 1% Rich! It'