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it's Simply the 2019 Boondockers Bash!

Seth of Nomad Everywhere is helping host a Boondockers Bash at Dome Rock, Quartzsite, Arizona! Watch for more information about this community FUN gathering the dates are November 23rd through December 7th. 

HSP's simply living healthy as Nomad's

Hi everyone! Wow I am glad to be back and typing/writing! Thanks to the Walmart in Parker, AZ, I was able to pick up a new bluetooth keyboard and get back to writing. This morning, in camp, was busy with phone calls and personal visits from nearby campers. I was able to fit in a Video Chat with my friend John from the Hill and Over the Mountain. We discussed living as HSP's on the road I hope you will check out John's YouTube channel as well as our chat. Have a great day and Keep it Simple! Simply, Lesa